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The Best Home and Office Laser Printers

Have you had it with your inkjet and the time it takes to spit reports and so some high-capacity printing without losing your shirt in ink costs? You may be[...]

The Best Business Apps and Software

Let’s face it; your computer is only as good as the software applications running under its hood. If you don’t have the right apps, or more to the point, the[...]

VIDEO: What is TechnologyGuide?

TechnologyGuide.com is finally here! Learn all about this exciting new technology Web site and our coverage approach as we provide news, reviews and features on the applications and implications of[...]

The Best All-in-One Desktop Systems

The mainstream desktop market has changed significantly over the past year or so. Systems are more compact and take up less desk space, and screens have become much larger and[...]

Samsung Muse Review: A Mini Approach to Music

With the popularity of smartphones, many people are using theirs as MP3 players, leaving less room on the market for dedicated music players. However, there are plenty of people that[...]

Windows Gains Market Share, Now On 91.7% of Desktops

At this point, it\’s no secret that the adoption rate of Microsoft\’s new Windows 8 operating system has been a bit…sluggish. According to the latest data from Net Applications, however,[...]

Kia to Bring Google Maps and Google Places to Cars This Year

Connected cars are all the rage these days, a fact that both Kia and Google are privy to. To prove it, the South Korean auto maker and California-based tech giant[...]

HP ENVY X2 Review

Better late than never was likely HP’s mantra when it released the ENVY x2, following a slew of other notebook to tablet convertibles powered by Windows 8 that hit the[...]

Are Video Games the New Viral Ad?

Do you know Uncle Drew? He stars in one of the hottest viral videos online, in which he schools chumps in street basketball. Uncle Drew seems old and feeble, but[...]

HTC Droid DNA Review: Once and Future King?

The HTC Droid DNA is HTC\’s most feature-rich smartphone, with an incredibly fast quad-core processor and stellar 1080p screen resolution, all for a very reasonable price tag. The phone is[...]

New Panasonic Emergency Flashlight Takes Almost Any Battery

From the \”why hasn\’t anyone thought of this yet\” department today comes Panasonic\’s reveal of a new LED flashlight that will work with just about any kind of battery. The[...]

Nook Sales Sink Over the Holidays

Barnes & Noble has reported its sales results for the holiday season, and it seems like the Nook wasn\’t on too many Christmas wish lists last month. For the nine-week[...]

Asus Teams with Leap Motion for Future PCs

Leap Motion, the startup company that has wowed consumers and developers alike with its super accurate 3D motion control technology, today announced that it has struck a deal with one[...]

Ubuntu OS Coming to Smartphones

There\’s another mobile operating system on the way, people. Canonical has announced that Ubuntu, the popular Linux-based open-source OS normally seen on PCs and TVs, will be coming to smartphones[...]

How Much Wireless Do You Waste?

Wireless plans continue to offer more and more to the consumer, including unlimited texting, talking, and extensive data plans. Most also allow for costumers of the same carrier to exchange[...]

Archos TV Connect Turns TVs into Tablets

Archos has unveiled the Archos TV Connect, a new device that is set to turn any HDTV into an Android smart TV, complete with the full Android 4.1 Jelly Bean[...]

Gaming in 2013: Five Industry Trends to Watch

2012 was a chaotic year for the gaming industry. Two major new consoles, the Nintendo Wii U and Sony\’s PlayStation Vita, hit the market with uncertain fates and varying degrees[...]

Corning Incorporated Announces Gorilla Glass 3 Will Be On Display At CES 2013

Corning Incorporated announced in a press release yesterday afternoon that it will unveil its newest product, Gorilla Glass 3, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. Gorilla[...]

Distracted Driving: Working From The Car Could Carry Heavy Consequences

The era of the self-driving car is practically upon us, and not a moment too soon. Twenty years ago, the biggest threat on the road used to be drunks and[...]

Westinghouse to Unveil \’Roku Ready\’ LED TVs at CES

Westinghouse appears poised to make a splash in the TV department at this week\’s CES. The California-based company has already said that it will be showing off new 4K Ultra[...]

Ipico Review: Projecting on the Go

The ipico is a pock-sized projector, which is part of a class of pico projectors called a sleeve, meaning the device with the material being projected is docked with the[...]

Toshiba Rolls Out First 4K Ultra HDTV of CES 2013, And it Sure Looks Pretty

Leading up to CES 2013, we knew that 4K HDTVs, or Ultra HDTVs, would be a main focus in Vegas. And though Westinghouse jumped the CES gun by teasing a[...]

Dish Explorer App Shows What\’s Trending on TV

More and more viewers are watching their televisions with the company of a tablet or smartphone these days, so Dish has decided to try merging the two screens with its[...]

Samsung\’s Audio Lineup Mixes Old School Audio With Millennial Tech at CES 2013

Claiming to be a world\’s first, the latest sound bar from Samsung (HW-F750) sports a vacuum tube amplifier to provide high powered sound levels while keeping a warm natural tone.[...]

Nvidia Focuses on Gaming, Reveals Tegra 4 at CES

Nvidia made a wealth of major announcements at its CES event last night, not least of which was the reveal of \”Project Shield,\” its very own portable gaming console. Available[...]

Weight Loss Resolutions Just Got Easier: Withings Reveals Smart Activity Tracker At CES 2013

Withings announced its Smart Activity Tracker at CES 2013; a portable device that will help users keep track of their fitness and health goals by measuring pulse, steps, strides, distance,[...]

Vizio Goes 4K, Unveils 2013 HDTV Lineup at CES

The 4K TV train continues to pick up steam at this year\’s CES, as Vizio has lifted the veil on its expanded 2013 HDTV lineup, which includes the company\’s first[...]

Keep The Weight And Debt Off With Fitbug Orb: Fitbug Announces Low Cost Fitness Tracker at CES 2013

Fitbug announced its Fitbug Orb at CES 2013; a 1.25-inch circular device that will record user\’s movements while asleep or awake. It will track calories burned, pace, how efficient the[...]

Never Lose Your Luggage Again: Trackdot Luggage Revealed at CES 2013

Trakdot announced its Trakdot Luggage device at CES 2013, a device that will give wary airport travelers concerned about the whereabouts of their checked luggage some piece of mind. Trakdot[...]

Harness The Sun To Stay Out Of The Dark: Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Announced at CES 2013

Goal Zero announced its newest portable solar product, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator, at CES 2013 on Sunday. Goal Zero is the world\’s largest manufacturer of portable solar[...]

LG Announces New 4K TVs at CES, OLED TV Coming in March

It was a relatively subdued CES presser for LG this year, as the Korean company largely stuck to recapping its previous successes and partnerships in the smartphone, TV, and home[...]

LG Smart Appliances Debut At CES 2013 Bring Us Even Closer To A Smart House

LG announced a full line of Smart Access home appliances at CES 2013, including a washing machine, dryer, a refrigerator, a robot vacuum, and an oven. According to LG, Smart[...]

Roku Announces At CES It Will Start Offering Over 700 Channels Streaming

Roku Inc., which was the first company to develop products to stream movies and TV from the Internet instantly on consumers’ televisions, made some big announcements at CES 2013 on[...]

CES 2013: ASUS Unveils Qube with Google TV Media Streamer

Among the number of products that ASUS unveiled at CES 2013 today was the new Qube with Google TV media streaming box. As the name suggests, the Qube instantly adds[...]

Panasonic Showcases 32 HDTVs for 2013 Lineup

Panasonic had a lean press event at this year\’s CES, showcasing its 2013 lineup of new plasma and LCD/LED displays, an updated Smart TV interface, and a handful of nifty[...]

Lexus Reveals Research Car For Engaged Driving At CES 2013

Toyota Motor Corporation and its Lexus Division announced at CES 2013 that it is working on enhanced safety features, with the ultimate goal of eliminating traffic causalities. Lexus unveiled its[...]

Wireless Storage and Streaming: The HP Pocket Playlist Announced At CES 2013

HP announced the HP Pocket Playlist at CES 2013, a portable external storage device that will offer media storage and wireless streaming of said media to compatible mobile devices. With[...]

Phillips Announces A Soundbar For The Indecisive at CES 2013

Consumers typically face a give and take battle between aesthetics and performance when selecting home theater options. Phillip\’s announcement at CES 2013 shows it is hoping to meet the needs[...]

Ford Announces Support For Kailiki Through Ford Sync At CES 2013

Ford Motor Company announced at CES 2013 Monday morning that its SYNC AppLink will now support the Kaliki app. Ford offers the SYNC system in many of its automobiles, which[...]

Delphi Announces Vehicle Diagnostics Service At CES 2013

Delphi announced a new device that provides a car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity service called Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi, at CES 2013 on Monday. The device works in most vehicles sold in the[...]

Panasonic Unveils Line Of Smart Appliances For September At CES 2013

Panasonic Corporation will be significantly expanding its line of smart home appliances and will launch full-scale cloud-based services in Japan, Panasonic announced on Monday at CES 2013. The cloud-based services[...]

Toshiba Offers Three Flavors of Soundbars

Toshiba enters the audio game with three models of soundbars for the coming year. Their top level SBX4250 at $329.99 is a solid 2.1 system with a wireless subwoofer, a[...]

LG Announces 9.1 Surround Sound System With Mobile Connectivity At CES 2013

It is an all too typical scenario; someone has a big presentation at work in the morning but their significant other is hooked on the late night \’Chopped\’ marathon on[...]

Intel Partners with Comcast to Bring TV Around the House

Those Intel virtual cable rumors may not have completely come true at this year\’s CES, but the chipmaking company did announce that it has partnered with Comcast to provide Xfinity[...]

Samsung Showcases New 4K, OLED, LCD, and Plasma TVs

Those who get excited at the prospect of new Samsung TV announcements better buckle up. The Korean company has lifted the curtains on its 2013 lineup, which includes new Ultra[...]

Hopper with Sling Lets Dish Users Watch TV Anywhere

Dish Network had a fun CES press conference, all things considered, one that was highlighted by a jovial CEO Joe Clayton, more talk of the previously confirmed Dish Explorer app,[...]

Ford Announces Third Party Developer System and Nine New Apps For AppLink at CES 2013

Ford announced on Monday at CES 2013 that it will be starting a Ford Developer Program for apps and that it will be making nine new apps avaliable through Sync[...]

Sony Dives Headfirst into 4K, Reveals 4K OLED TV

4K, or Ultra HD, resolution TVs have been all the rage at this year\’s CES, but Sony just may have leapfrogged over the competition with the reveal of a 4K[...]

Sharp Goes Big With LED, 4K, and 8K TVs at CES

It\’s no secret that Sharp is going through rough times these days. But with the CES stage all to itself today, the Japanese electronics giant did what it does best:[...]

CES 2013: The Open 4K Secret, No One Will Buy an Ultra HDTV

There is an open secret at CES 2013. No one here is going to buy a 4K Ultra HDTV (UHD) announced at the show, no matter how much we gush[...]

Hisense Touts 110-Inch 4K TV, Glasses-Free 3D, and Google TV at CES

Hisense isn\’t exactly a household name here in the U.S., but that didn\’t stop the Chinese company from introducing a range of new televisions for its 2013 lineup during its[...]

Intel Makes Touchscreens a Requirement for Ultrabooks, Announces New Chips at CES

Yes, Intel announced a partnership with Comcast to bring Xfinity TV to its future devices, but that wasn\’t all the chip giant was up to at its CES conference this[...]

Belkin WeMo Brings Connectivity To Everday Electronics In The Home

Belkin announced the development of the WeMo SMART program to bring its Wi-Fi based WeMo home automation to a broader range of household devices at CES 2013 on Monday. In[...]

Masimo iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter Lets Users Keep Tabs On Blood Oxygen Levels

Masimo announced its first consumer product, a consumer-grade Pule Oximeter that connects to an iOS device through an app, known as the iSpO2 at CES 2013. The iSpO2 works by[...]

One Laptop Per Child Releases XO-4 Touch: The Latest In Its Line Of Rugged Cost Friendly Laptops For Children

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) announced at CES 2013 on Tuesday that the, the newest line in a line of green and white laptops geared toward children, is in development[...]

Panasonic Unveils 4K OLED TV at CES

Yesterday, Panasonic revealed the 32 HDTVs that will make up its 2013 lineup, but notably didn\’t showcase any 4K technology. Today, that omission makes a little more sense, as the[...]

Valencell and iRiver Ltd Partner To Develop iRiver On Bluetooth Headset That Monitors Your Fitness

Valencell and iRiver Ltd. have announced a partnership to produce the iRiver ON, a Bluetooth audio headset that will monitor physiological fitness data in real time at CES 2013 on[...]

Xi3 \’Piston\’ Revealed at CES: Is This the Steam Box?

It feels like gamers far and wide have been clamoring for Valve\’s long-rumored, now-confirmed \”Steam Box\” console for years now, but the Washington-based company has notoriously dodged specifics regarding the[...]

Pioneer Announces In-Dash Navigation Systems With Smartphone Connectivity

Pioneer announced three new iPhone compatible in-dash navigation receivers on Tuesday at CES 2013. The VIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH and AVIC-X850BT navigation systems not only deliver GPS guidance, but also include smartphone[...]

Pioneer Announces DVD Navigation Systems With A Slew Of Entertainment Features

Pioneer Electronics announced three new multimedia DVD receivers at CES 2013, aimed at giving users entertainment and smartphone connectivity in their cars. The detachable 7-inch high-resolution WVGA displays on the[...]

Samsung at CES: \’BYOD Will Be the Norm Within the Next Two Years\’

While Samsung has made headlines at this year’s CES for its massive, oddly shaped 4K TVs and revamped Smart Hub interface, it has also made some time for the business[...]

Audi Talks Connected, Self-Driving Cars at CES

Smart cars are taking over the minds of most auto manufacturers in 2013, and Audi is no different. The German car maker took to the CES stage today to talk[...]

The Latest News Out Of CES 2013 Across TechnologyGuide

There have been quite a few exciting announcements out of CES for digital cameras, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and printers this year. To get the latest news, head over to[...]

Private Cloud Storage With meDrive By Kanex

Kanex announced the meDrive, a file server that turns USB storage into a network drive that can be accessed from iOS and desktop devices, at CES 2013 on Tuesday. The[...]

Slingbox Announces My Media And Slingbox Companion At CES 2013

Sling Media Inc. announced its support for My Media and Slingbox Companion for customers who own Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350 place shifting devices, at CES 2013 on Tuesday. My[...]

Learn Guitar With Your iPhone Using Incident\’s gTar

The start-up company Incident announced at CES 2013 this week that the gTar will be opening up for pre-orders this week and will being shipping out next week. The ,[...]

Find Balance And Wellbeing With HeartMath\’s Inner Balance

HeartMath unveiled its new digital health app, Inner Balance, which is designed to offer real-time monitoring and training to manage stress and rebalance the mind and emotions, at CES 2013[...]

Vizio Unveils 42-inch Home Theater Soundbar And Teases Images Of A Larger Model

There\’s no sound like surround sound. Forgive the paraphrase, but that is the message Vizio is sending while showing off its premium 42-inch 5.1 Home Theater soundbar at CES. The[...]

T-Mobile Details LTE Rollout, New Unlimited 4G Data Plan, and Nationwide HD Voice at CES

T-Mobile may still be the runt of the \”big four\” mobile carriers\’ litter, but its recent bold moves — from merging with MetroPCS to ditching subsidies entirely to finally introducing[...]

Leap, Tobii, and the Really Exciting CES 2013 Tech

Tucked away in the corners of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and in small booths and meeting rooms hidden behind the high-profile CES 2013 devices, are the products and components[...]

Panasonic Reveals Two New Toughpads for Enterprise

Panasonic isn\’t just about fancy new TVs and smart home appliances at CES this year — it\’s also announced the two newest entries in its Toughpad line of rugged enterprise[...]

Hands on Video with Giada\’s $100 ARM PC, Nettops, and HTPC


Valve Boss Details Steam Box Plans

Well, it\’s happening. Just a couple days after the newly-revealed Xi3 \”Piston\” modular PC got everyone excited (and confused) about possibly seeing the long-awaited Steam Box, Valve CEO Gabe Newell[...]

Walmart Brings Unlocked iPhones To The Masses For $45 A Month

Walmart is bringing unlocked iPhones to the masses with its announcement that it will be offering the latest iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 with a Straight Talk no-contract plan for[...]

Watch Together For ooVooo Lets 11 Users Watch A YouTube Video At Once

By: Hannah Becker Avid video chatters will now be able to simultaneously watch YouTube videos with up to 11 of their friends thanks to the new ooVoo feature Watch Together,[...]

Samsung Reveals Exynos 5 Octa Processor

Today, Samsung unveiled its newest smartphone processor, the Exynos 5 Octa at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. The company has said that this new eight core processor will deliver[...]

Pebble Makes Official Debut at CES, Launching This Month

Pebble, the customizable, smartphone-syncing, e-paper watch, is the most successful Kickstarter project of all time, having funded over $10 million dollars from almost 69,000 backers since its reveal last May.[...]

Samsung Shows the Flexible Future of Displays with Youm

Today, at Samsung’s Keynote address the Korean manufacturer showcased a number of new developments from its processors to data servers, but nothing was more jarring than the company’s new concepts[...]

More Exciting News Out Of CES 2013 Across TechnologyGuide

CES 2013 is still well underway and the announcements keep coming. Between all of the news for digital cameras, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and printers, it can be hard to[...]

LG, Samsung Debut Curved OLED TVs at CES

The future of home entertainment has been the big talking point for many companies at CES 2013, with an absolutely gluttonous amount of HD, 3D, OLED, 4K, 4K OLED, and[...]

i\’m Releases Latest i\’m Watch Smartwatch And i\’m Here GPS Locator At CES 2013

The Italian company i\’m made a splash at CES last year, unveiling the i\’m Watch, the world\’s first smartwatch. At CES 2013 on Tuesday, the company has made two more[...]

Belkin Introduces NetCam with WeMo SMART Capabilities At CES 2013

Belkin announced yesterday at CES 2013 that it has developed upgrades to its NetCam, a wireless networking camera, including HD quality and WeMo SMART capabilities. The NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera,[...]

Evado Give Parents Peace Of Mind With VIVOplay GPS Watch

Evado Flip introduced a new communication and location device at CES 2013 this week, designed to help parents keep track of their young children. The VIVOplay will use GPS, Wi-Fi[...]

Samsung T9000 LCD Touchscreen Refrigerator Will Integrate Evernote App

Samsung showed off its newest refrigerator with touch screen capabilities, the Samsung T9000 LCD Four-Door Refrigerator, at CES 2013 this week. The T9000 LCD will be the second Samsung refrigerator[...]

With the 4K S9, Timeless Gallery, and Multi-View OLED, CES 2013 Was the Samsung Show

No question, Samsung owned CES 2013. It\’s booth has been packed during the first two days of the show (the busiest days, by far), and the line for Monday\’s Samsung[...]

Amazon AutoRip Turns CDs into MP3s

Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon AutoRip, a new service that automatically gives purchasers of CDs free MP3 copies of the discs they\’ve bought through the online retail giant.[...]

Audio Was The Main Accessory At CES 2013

Without a doubt, the smartphone is the cool kid in the electronics industry right now. As such, almost all the audio products rolled out at CES 2013 were eager to[...]

Gaming at CES 2013: Providing New Ways to Play

Gaming has had an unusually large presence at this year\’s CES, with various new consoles, accessories, and other technologies showcased across the show floor. In a year that\’s already expected[...]

The Three Windows 8 Tablets to Watch from CES 2013

Three wildly different Windows 8 tablets. Three separate target customers. Three very unique designs. Even though all of these tablets run Windows 8 and feature third-generation Intel Core i-series chips,[...]

VIDEO: Faster Print Speeds With The Canon Pixma MX922 AIO Wireless Printer

The Canon Pixma MX922, the updated flagship model in Canon\'s line of Wireless All-in-One Office printers, was announced at CES 2013, where TechnologyGuide caught it on video.

This Westinghouse 110-Inch 4K TV Costs $300,000

No, that\’s not a typo. Westinghouse has revealed that its massive 110-inch Ultra HD television, the QX110, will cost $300,000 when it launches by the end of Q1 2013. As[...]

See What Announcements You Missed as CES 2013 Comes to an End

CES 2013 has come to a close, but that does not mean the announcements in the last few days were any less exciting than the first. Here are some of[...]

Asus Introduces \”World\’s Smallest\” Wi-Fi Router

4K TVs, audio accessories, tablets, and gaming gear may be at the forefront of this year\’s CES, but the lesser-recognized gadgets are getting some love too. This week, for example,[...]

Parenting In The Digital Age With iPotty

CTA Digital announced iPotty, at CES 2013; a potty training toilet aimed at help parents who might be struggling with potty training their toddlers. The training toilet will feature a[...]

Panasonic Bone Conduction Headphones Ears On at CES 2013

Panasonic went big at CES, announcing a gigantic 20-inch 4K Windows 8 tablet and what it claims is the world\’s largest 4K OLED ultra-high definition television, but the smallest gadget[...]

Rapoo TV Can Turn Your HDTV Into A Smart TV

Rapoo, a company known for manufacturing wireless peripheral products, announced their newest venture, Rapoo TV at CES 2013 this week, which includes a receiver and remote add-on that will turn[...]

iSmart Alarm Will Alert Homeowners To Home Invasion

iSmart Alarm Inc. unveiled a new iPhone-operated home alarm system which will allow users to monitor, arm and disarm their alarm systems from their iPhones at CES 2013 this week.[...]

Samsung Nixes Windows RT Tablet in US

Consumers haven’t exactly been migrating en masse over to Windows RT devices in the last few months, and it doesn’t appear that Microsoft will be receiving much help from Samsung[...]

Apple CEO: \’China Will Be Our Biggest Market\’

It’s no secret that Apple has become smitten with the Chinese market. And why wouldn’t they? China has by far the biggest potential consumer base of any nation, it’s already[...]

PC Sales Down for the Holidays

PC shipments continued their worldwide decline in the fourth quarter of 2012, down 6.4% overall from that point in 2011, according to the latest report from the IDC research group.[...]

CES 2013: Going Hands-On (Eyes-On) With Sony\’s 4K TVs

Little did they know what Sony had up its sleeve. Starting with an 84-inch, $25,000 dollar TV that made its debut in the fall of last year, Sony has brought[...]

VIDEO: Samsung Series 7 Ultrabooks – Lightweight Machines With Power At CES 2013

  Samsung announced updates to its Samsung Series 7 line of Ultrabooks at CES 2013 to include the new Series 7 Chronos and Series 7 Ultra models. Samsung hopes its[...]

VIDEO: Lenovo Wireless Portable Monitor – Don\’t Call It A Tablet

At CES 2013, Lenovo introduced its Windows 8-ready portable monitor, which will extend a notebook desktop, bring touch capabilities to non-touchscreen computers, and more. While it may look like one,[...]

VIDEO: ASUS Qube Will Turn Any HDTV Into A Google TV

TechnolgyGuide stopped by the ASUS booth at CES 2013 to get a first look at the ASUS Qube, a media streamer that also gives users access to Google TV features.[...]

VIDEO: Samsung AIO Packs Multi-Touch, Apps, And A Sleek Design

The Samsung AIO desktop was on display at CES 2013, and it features an attractive design, multi-touch capabilities, multi-tasking, fast performance, wide viewing angles, high resolution, and more. Watch the[...]

Samsung Reveals 85-Inch Ultra HDTV Price Tag

TechnologyGuide found Samsung to be the clear winner of last week\’s CES, thanks in no small part to its audacious and enormous S9 series of Ultra HD televisions. The S9\’s massive[...]

Coffee Tech: What\’s the Best Way to Brew a Cup?

Coffee remains the preferred hot beverage of choice for many, and there are plenty of ways to brew a fine cup of joe. Some methods are low-tech and tasty, others[...]

Android Based Asus MeMO Pad To Ship In January For $149

With CES in the rear-view mirror, Asus announced its latest Android tablet, the Asus MeMO Pad. This mid-range Jelly Bean 4.1 tablet does not have the most impressive specs, but[...]

Oracle Patches Java Amid Security Concerns, But Issues Persist

Oracle has released an emergency software update to its Java software, designed to protect against a recently revealed security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install malware onto users’ computers.

iPhone 5, Galaxy S III Users Consume Most Data

Users of the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are the biggest hogs of mobile data, according to a recent study from software company Arieso. Those who use[...]

VIDEO: Vizio Shows Off Thin & Light Ultrabooks at CES 2013

Vizio was busy at CES 2013; not only did it debut a new Windows 8 tablet, it also showed off its lineup of thin and light Windows 8 Ultrabooks. Vizio[...]

Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Security Hole

Oracle isn’t the only company facing serious security issues with its products. Microsoft today issued an update that it says will fully resolve a zero-day security vulnerability previously found in[...]

VIDEO: Barnes & Noble Nook HD Hands-On Preview

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD is the latest and largest tablet offered by Barnes & Noble. It is essentially Barnes & Noble\’s answer to the Kindle Fire, as the[...]

VIDEO: Lenovo Redefines The Family Computer With Its IdeaCentre Table PC

Lenovo unveiled its IdeaCentre Table PC at CES 2013, a nearly 18lb tabletop tablet device that will boast a screen size no smaller than 27-inches. The tabletop tablet is meant[...]

Facebook Unveils Graph Search

Facebook today announced \”Graph Search,\” a new search feature that aims to simplify the user experience for those on the social network. Speaking at his company\’s press event in Menlo[...]

VIDEO: The Razer Edge, The First Windows 8 Gaming Tablet

The Razer Edge is a dedicated Windows 8 tablet gaming rig. In fact, it might be the only device to claim that title. Essentially, it is a full Intel Core-powered[...]

VIDEO: Xi3\’s Piston Modular PC – The First Valve Steambox, But They\’re Not Calling It That

  Xi3 debuted its beta gaming device, the Piston Modular PC, at CES 2013. The console gives users the ability to use their HDTV to play PC games through Steam.[...]

VIDEO: Giada Desktops – Small In Stature, Big On Performance

The small Chinese company Giada announced its latest desktops at CES 2013, including a $100 USD desktop with an AllWinner A10 ARM-based CPU. The various Windows 8 and Android based[...]

VIDEO: Tobii Eye Tracking Tech – Navigating Computers With Eye Movements

Tobii had its Eye Tracking technology at CES 2013, hoping to give those with less mobility the option to use intuitive software to navigate computers with eye movements. Watch the[...]

Disney Infinity Brings Toys to Virtual Life

Disney has taken a huge leap into video games with the unveil of Disney Infinity, a new gaming initiative that takes collectible figures of Disney and Pixar characters and transports[...]

Leap Motion to Sell Exclusively Through Best Buy

Leap Motion, creator of the impressively accurate Leap Motion motion tracking controller, has announced that it will sell its Leap Motion Controller exclusively through Best Buy\’s retail and online stores[...]

Temple Run 2 Coming to iOS Soon

A sequel to the popular iOS endless runner Temple Run has been spotted for download on New Zealand\’s iOS App Store, and, according to multiple reports, could be coming Stateside[...]

Gary Shapiro: CES Is Bigger Than Ever

As part of CES last week, TechnologyGuide had the opportunity to take part in a special briefing with Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, and the[...]

Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Canon Camera Lens Review

The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Canon lens is the final lens in a family of new lenses branded under Sigma’s “Art” line of lenses. The lens has initially been released for[...]

VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Preview – Can Sony Make a Splash in the US Smartphone Market?

Sony has never been a player in the US smartphone market, something the company is looking to change with the Xperia Z smartphone. This Android-powered device will have a large[...]

Lenovo Introduces ThinkPad Chromebook for Schools

Lenovo will officially be joining Acer and Samsung in the Chromebook market — in schools, at least. Today the company unveiled the ThinkPad X131e Chromebook, a variation on its existing,[...]

American Airlines Gets Tech Makeover, New Logo

The last couple years haven\’t been too kind to American Airlines, as the 83-year-old company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late 2011 and has scrambled to recover ever since.[...]

CDs, MP3 Players, Cable Boxes Are Doomed, Says \’Gadget Graveyard\’

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has tallied of the results of its 2013 \’Gadget Graveyard\’ survey, and it would appear that most members of the technical professional[...]

VIDEO: HyperX Predator 3.0 Will Give You 1TB Of Storage On A USB Device

Kingston announced its HyperX Predator 3.0 1TB USB flash drive at CES 2013. There\’s no word on price yet, but the flash drive will be shipping next month with a[...]

Google Nexus 4 Review

Running Android 4.2 straight from the box and priced at $300 without a contract, the Google Nexus 4 certainly makes for an appealing device with features that can rival most[...]

Atari Files for Bankruptcy in U.S.

The United States branch of seminal video game company Atari, creator of such classics as Pong and Asteroids, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to the L.A. Times, the[...]

Microsoft May Invest Up to $3 Billion in Dell Buyout

Last week brought the news that PC making giant Dell is reportedly looking to go private through a buyout with multiple equity firms, and now that initial speculation appears to[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro to Arrive on February 9

Rejoice, Surface Pro anticipators, the wait is almost over. Microsoft today announced that the hotly-anticipated Windows 8 tablet will be available starting February 9 in the U.S. and Canada. As[...]

RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Research in Motion has announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, a device management service aimed at businesses and government agencies, is now available for download. The software is a follow-up[...]

Nintendo Reveals New Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, and More for Wii U

Mario, Zelda, and Yoshi are coming to consoles again. Nintendo unleashed a truckload of Wii U announcements as part of its latest Nintendo Direct briefing today, so let\’s not waste[...]

Blog: BlackBerry Is Doomed

RIM is going to bring out two new smartphones running the BlackBerry 10 operating system on Jan. 30. It\’s sad to say, but there is really no point in this[...]

Apple Reports Record iPhone and iPad Sales, Shares Still Sink

Apple has reported its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2013. Profits, revenue, iPhone and iPad sales all hit a record high, but many in Wall[...]

Temple Run 2 Review: A Run-Away Fun Time Waster

The popular Temple Run series returns for its second installment with developer Imangi playing it close to the chest. Fans of the original game will be happy to see it\’s[...]

Samsung Posts Record Profits for Q4 2012

Samsung has revealed financial results for its fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2012, and the returns are mostly impressive. Growth was had nearly across the board, and was highlighted[...]

Belkin to Acquire Linksys from Cisco

Electronic accessories maker Belkin has announced that it will be acquiring Cisco’s home networking division, which includes the Linksys brand, lineup of products, and employees.

Unlocking New Cell Phones is Now Illegal

Some readers may remember an exemption that was made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last October, in which the Librarian of Congress declared it soon to be illegal for[...]

BlackBerry World to Feature Music and Video Content for BlackBerry 10 OS

Last week, BlackBerry makers Research in Motion revealed that it would be rebranding the BlackBerry App World store as simply “BlackBerry World” for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, with the[...]

The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Theater Guide

If money were no object, you wouldn’t need to read this article. You’d probably have already booked yourself first-class tickets to New Orleans International and bought a VIP suite at[...]

iOS 6.1 Adds More LTE Support, Upgrades Siri

Apple has just announced the release of iOS 6.1. The latest operating system upgrade adds additional LTE support to 36 new iPhone carriers and 23 new iPad carriers, as well[...]

Microsoft Office 2013 Launching Tuesday

Microsoft Office 2013 will officially launch this Tuesday, January 29, and will be on sale for “general availability.” The announcement came from the official Microsoft Office Twitter account, which included[...]

Toshiba Announces 2TB Portable Storage Devices

Consumers who constantly need more space on their portable storage devices will be happy to hear that Toshiba has announced the addition of two terabyte offerings to its Canvio storage[...]

Apple Unveils 128GB iPad with Retina Display, Starts at $799

Apple has announced that it will double the storage space of the fourth generation iPad with Retina display. Starting on February 5, the Cupertino clan will begin offering a 128GB[...]

Philips Sells Remaining Home Entertainment Business to Funai

Royal Philips Electronics has announced that it will be selling off the remainder of its entertainment business to Japanese electronics company Funai for €150 million ($201 million). Funai had already[...]

Pentagon to Greatly Expand Cybersecurity Force

The US Department of Defense is planning a major expansion to its Cyber Command cybersecurity force, according to a Washington Post report. Currently, Cyber Command consists of around 900 employees,[...]

ooVoo Announces Support For Blackberry 10 Devices

Consumers ready to go out and purchase a BlackBerry 10 device will have yet another  feature to look forward to, as the company has announced that ooVoo will be integrated[...]

4K Broadcast Coming to Japan for 2014 World Cup

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications plans to broadcast the 2014 World Cup in 4K, according to a recent report.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Watch Kicks The Chest Strap

After raising triple their goal on a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Mio Alpha has started shipping the Mio Alpha heart rate watch aimed at runners and cyclists just in[...]

Tips For Managing Your Social Media And Employer

Most reasonably intelligent people in this world go out of their way to ingratiate themselves with their workplace superiors. It’s only common sense. Whether this is accomplished by way of[...]

Apple vs. Samsung: Judge Says Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe Patents

A federal judge has ruled that Samsung did not willfully infringe upon the Apple design and utility patents it was found guilty of violating last summer.

Asus VivoTab RT Tablet Review

The Asus Vivo Tab RT is a practical tablet and notebook hybrid that runs the Microsoft Windows RT operating system. The device is 10.3 x 6.3 x .3-inches and weighs[...]

BlackBerry 10 Officially Launched, RIM Rebranded as BlackBerry

RIM unveiled the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system today, and changed its name in the process. Read on for the full rundown of what BB 10 can do.

Netflix Wants To Become HBO

Netflix is moving to gain exclusive rights to content from the likes of Disney, while also pioneering its own exclusive programming.

BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 Revealed

The company formerly known as RIM has revealed the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 -- the first two devices to run the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

Smart Tattoos Might Be The Future Of Healthcare

A tattoo that can monitor your health is in the works, and could one day revolutionize the way we visit our doctors.

BlackBerry 10 is Good Enough to Save BlackBerry

But is that even possible in today\'s mobile market, dominated by Android and iOS? Windows Phone 8 has barely made a dent, and BlackBerry will have to make an even[...]

Nintendo Sells Three Million Wii U Units in 2012, Lowers Expectations for 2013

Nintendo has released its latest earnings report, and the results are mixed. Profits are up, but Wii U sales are down. Read on for more details.

Dell Buyout May Lead to Improved Cloud Computing, Say Partners

Dell\'s reported efforts to go private may have a positive effect on the company future in the cloud, some of the company\'s partners say.

Hands On with BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10

The folks over at TG’s sister site Brighthand went hands on with BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Z10, and the BlackBerry Q10 at BlackBerry’s launch event yesterday, and have returned with[...]

Honda and Siri Go ‘Eyes Free’ for Select 2013 Vehicles

Honda has announced that it is joining forces with Siri’s “Eyes Free” mode for 2013 Honda Accord and 2013 Acura RDX and ILX models as a dealer installed option.

MSI GX60 Review: An Exceptional & Affordable Gaming Notebook

If you\'re looking for an affordable gaming laptop that still delivers exceptional performance with the latest and greatest PC games then the MSI GX60 might be just the notebook you\'re[...]

iPad Still King of Tablets, But Share is Shrinking

The Apple iPad is still far and away the most popular tablet in existence after the fourth quarter of 2012, but Android competitors from the likes of Samsung, Asus, and[...]

Windows 8 Upgrade Discount Ends Today (UPDATED)

A quick PSA for anyone interested in making the switch to Windows 8: after today, the cost of upgrading from Windows 7, Vista or XP to Microsoft’s newest OS is[...]

VIDEO: BlackBerry Q10 Preview – Combining Full QWERTY with BlackBerry 10

The BlackBerry Q10 just about stole the show at the BlackBerry 10 unveiling. Find out why in this video preview.

Next Madden NFL Out on August 27 (UPDATED)

EA Sports has revealed that the next Madden NFL game will arrive on August 27, and may feature a slight name change as well.

Is The Enterprise Ready for BlackBerry 10? Experts Weigh In

BlackBerry thrust itself back into the spotlight this week with the long-awaited reveal of its BlackBerry 10 OS, but will it be able to hang on to its faithful enterprise[...]

Grand Theft Auto V Launching on September 17

Rockstar Games today revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will launch on September 17 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Verizon Teams with Square for Mobile Payments

Verizon Wireless today announced that it will be teaming up with Square to sell the Square Card Reader in its retail stores across the country.