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Articles for October of 2013

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Alienware 14 Review

The Alienware 14 offers great performance and a brilliant display, but it comes at a cost.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B750 All-in-One Packs a 29-Inch Display

Lenovo has announced a series of refreshes to its IdeaCentre line of all-in-one PCs, highlighted by the new IdeaCentre B750 and its 29-inch display.

Your Office in the Cloud: Google Docs, Office 365, and What Else?

You already know about Google Docs and Office 365, but what are some of the other cloud offer suite alternatives?

FreedomPop Offers First Free Wireless Plan Including Data, Voice, and Text

FreedomPop has introduced a beta version of its free wireless plan including voice, data, and text.

Nikon Coolpix A Review

The Nikon Coolpix A features a solid build with great image quality, but it\'s pricey.

How To Clean a Notebook

Learn how to clean your notebook to keep it running smoothly and looking good.

Notebook Buying Guide: How Much Should You Spend on a New Computer?

In the market for a new notebook? Here\'s what you need to know before making that all-important purchase.

Google Adds Hulu Plus to Chromecast

Google has announced support for Hulu Plus on Chromecast.

Windows 8.1 Now Available for Pre-Order

Boxed copies of Windows 8.1 are now available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store.

WD My Cloud Wants You to Stop Paying for Dropbox

WD has announced the My Cloud, which seeks to give you a personal cloud storage drive that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Dell Revamps XPS Laptops

Dell unveiled the latest entries in its XPS series of Windows 8 notebooks yesterday: the XPS 11, XPS 13, and XPS 15.

Samsung HomeSync Streams Media from Your Galaxy Phone to Your TV, Arrives October 6

Samsung\'s announced that its HomeSync streaming media box will go on sale on October 6 for the price of $300.

How To Manage iTunes, MP3s, and Other Digital Music

Not sure how to organize all the music that you have acquired in the digital age? Read on to learn the best ways to manage and get the most out[...]

PSA: Best Buy Giving $50 Discounts for Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5c

For this weekend only, Best Buy is discounting the iPhone 5c by $50. Select Samsung Galaxy phones are getting a discount as well.

Top Anti-theft iOS Apps

Read about the best apps to protect your iOS device in the event of theft.

Nest Protect Wants to Rejuvenate the Smoke Detector

Nest has announced the Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that warns you when a potential emergency is on the horizon.

HP Chromebook 11 Announced, Available Now for $280

Google and HP have announced the HP Chromebook 11, the latest laptop to come standard with the search giant’s Chrome OS. It’s available today for $280.

Samsung Galaxy Round Puts a Curved Display on a Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Round, a variant on its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone -- but with a curved display.

How To Manage and Organize Your Digital Photos

Even if you have a ton of digital photos just waiting to be imported, organized, and managed, it doesn\'t have to be a daunting task. You likely already have all[...]

Archos GamePad 2 is a $200 Android Gaming Tablet

Archos has confirmed the follow-up to its original GamePad gaming tablet: the Archos GamePad 2.

T-Mobile to Drop International Data and Text Fees

T-Mobile has unveiled the third part of its “Uncarrier” strategy: unlimited international data and texting at no extra charge.

Aereo App to Hit Android on October 22

Back in August, Aereo confirmed that it planned to release an Android app, but it didn\'t have an exact launch date just yet. Today, it does: October 22.

Acer Brings Haswell to New C720 Chromebook

Google promised last month that Chromebooks powered by Intel’s fourth-gen ‘Haswell’ processors were on the way, and today we’re seeing the first fruit of that partnership.

AVADirect Clevo W230ST Review

The AVADirect Clevo W230ST is a lightweight gaming notebook that packs great performance at a low price.

How To Stash Online Videos for Offline Viewing

The internet has put millions of movies and TV shows at our fingertips -- but only when we\'re online. Here\'s how you can change that.

MSI GT70 Review

Gamers don\'t need to look any further than the MSI GT70 for top-notch gaming performance, but they will have to live with its bulky build.

Take a Look at Valve’s Steam Controller in Action

Valve has released a video demonstration of the Steam Controller. Read on to watch the curious gamepad in action.

What are the Best Smartphones?

Smartphone choices vary by carrier, so what are the best handsets on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint? Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8, it all depends on what you want[...]

Razer Blade Review

The Razer Blade is a high performance gaming notebook slipped into a sleek and slim package.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 Adds Support for Larger, Higher-Res Displays

Microsoft has formally unveiled the third general distribution release for its Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, fittingly titled ‘Update 3.

HTC One Max Announced, Blows Up the HTC One and Adds a Fingerprint Scanner

HTC has confirmed weeks of rumors and formally announced the HTC One max, a jumbo-sized version of its flagship HTC One smartphone.

Sony SmartWatch 2, Xperia Z1, and Xperia Z Ultra Launching in US Today

Sony’s latest batch of Android hardware is officially hitting the US today. The Japanese firm today announced the American launch of its SmartWatch 2, Xperia Z1 smartphone and Xperia Z[...]

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX300 Review

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 is an affordable ultra-zoom camera that will impress amateur and professional photographers alike.

Apple Confirms Event for October 22

Rumors swirled last week that Apple would hold an event on October 22, but today the Cupertino clan has made it official.

Nike Unveils New Fuelband SE for its Nike+ Ecosystem

Nike announced its new Nike+ Fuelband SE today, boasting most of the same features as the past model, but with a new design and improved specs.

Watch Dogs Delayed to Spring 2014

Watch Dogs has been delayed to sometime in spring 2014, published Ubisoft announced today.

Angry Birds Take to the Road in Angry Birds Go!

Roxio is introducing a new 3D racing game, Angry Birds Go, featuring the popular Angry Birds characters.

New iPad and Apple iPad mini Rumor Roundup

The new iPad and iPad mini are both expected to be unveiled October 22. Here\'s everything we think we know about them already.

Sony Unveils Two Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Sony’s long-rumored full-frame mirrorless cameras are now a reality.

Lenovo Miix2 Official, Another 8-inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

8-inch tablet running Windows 8.1? It\'s the new Lenovo Miix2.

Adidas Announces New Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

Adidas has announced a new smartwatch that will include a fitness tracker and media player.

Windows 8.1 is Available Today

A quick PSA: Windows 8.1 is here.

Vizio Introduces Co-Star LT Media Streamer

Vizio has introduced Co-Star LT, a streaming device similar to a Roku.

Acer’s Iconia W4 is the Latest 8-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet

The latest 8-inch Windows tablet is the Iconia W4, and it comes courtesy of Acer.

Samsung ATIV S Neo Review

The Samsung ATIV S Neo is the only Windows 8 device on the Sprint network. Is it any good?

Motorola Droid Ultra Review

The Motorola Droid Ultra offers some decent features, but it doesn\'t necessarily shine in any area.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App Puts Your Windows 8.1 PC on Android and iOS

Microsoft has launched a new remote desktop app that lets you access your Windows PC from an Android or iOS phone or tablet.

SmugMug Review: Customizable Design, Unlimited Storage

SmugMug lets photographers quickly set up a website to sell their photos, hassle free.

Lenovo Unveils A10 Android Notebook

Lenovo has unveiled the A10, a 10.1-inch convertible notebook that runs Android 4.2.

Nintendo Says Goodbye to the Original Wii

Nintendo has announced it plans to cease production of the original Wii console.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Review

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft added both Start Screen and Desktop features. Find out if this major Windows 8 update makes a compelling case for the tile-centric operating system.

Nokia Unveils New Lumia Tablet and Phablets

Nokia has announced a new 10.1-inch Lumia tablet, and two new 6-inch Windows Phones.

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Now Available in Stores

Microsoft\'s updated Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets are now available in stores.

Apple OS X Mavericks to be Free Download

Apple has just announced that the latest version of its OS X software, Mavericks (10.9) will be made available to Apple Mac users as a free download.

New Cylindrical Apple Mac Pro Official, Coming in December

The new round Mac Pro is official, and will launch in December for $2999.

Apple iPad Air and New iPad mini with Retina Display Announced

Apple has announced the next-generation iPad, the iPad Air, as well as the next iPad mini, which will feature a Retina display. How much will they cost? When will they[...]

Apple Introduces Lighter, Faster, and Cheaper MacBook Pro

Apple introduced lighter, faster, and cheaper versions of its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks.

How to Do Everything New in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is here, and it brings a range of small yet significant improvements. Here\'s how you can make the most out of Microsoft\'s latest update.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Hits US in November

Samsung will be making its Galaxy S4 Mini smartphone available in the US next month.

T-Mobile Giving Away 200MB of Monthly LTE Data to All Tablet Buyers

T-Mobile\'s next \"Uncarrier\" move is giving away free LTE data to all tablet buyers.

Slingbox Adds AirPlay, Apple TV Support and More

Slingbox now has Apple AirPlay support.

Apple iPhone 5s Review

The Apple iPhone 5s is touted as faster and lighter, with a longer battery life, but does it measure up?

TiVo Announces iOS Streaming For Roamio DVRs

TiVo has announced support for iOS streaming with its latest line up of TiVo Roamio set-top boxes, giving users access to their content on the go.

How To Back Up Your Data with Amazon Glacier

There are plenty of options for cloud storage, but Amazon Glacier is the cheapest, and also most reliable. So, what\'s the catch?

VIDEO: Microsoft Surface 2 Preview

Don\'t call it an RT tablet! This is the Microsoft Surface 2, and we have an in-depth look at Microsoft\'s latest device.

LG Reveals the G Flex, a 6-Inch Smartphone with a Curved OLED Display

LG has touted the benefits of flexible displays in its TV business, but today it’s made its long-rumored curved OLED smartphone a reality.

Nvidia Shield Update Adds Android 4.3, Button Mapping, and HDTV Streaming

Nvidia’s unloading a heavy update to its Shield gaming handheld today, bringing compatibility with more Android games and improved streaming to HDTVs along with it.

Comcast to Offer Basic Internet and TV Bundle With HBO and HBO Go

Comcast is now offering Internet Plus, a basic internet and TV bundle with HBO and HBO Go.

Apple Profits Down, iPhone Sales Up in Q4 Earnings Report

Apple has issued its latest earnings report for its Q4 2013 period ending September 28, and the results are still lucrative but slightly more mixed than usual.

VIDEO: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 is a pragmatic device, devoid of the sleek flash found in many high-end notebooks.

Dish Introduces iPad 2 Lending Library on Select Southwest Flights

Dish has announced iPad 2 lending libraries at participating Southwest terminals as part of its TV Flies Free promotion.

Lenovo Yoga Tablets 8 and 10 Hands On and Unboxing (Video)

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet is official, and in keeping with the brand, has a very unique design. Find out more about the Android tablet, and watch the unboxing video.

Barnes & Noble Introduces New Nook GlowLight eReader

Barnes & Noble’s has unveiled the Nook GlowLight, a follow-up to last year’s e-Reader, and a direct competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

Microsoft Surface 2 Review

The Microsoft Surface 2 looks great, but it\'s limited app selection is a major limitation. Find out if its full Office apps make up for that in this review.

How To Take Better Food Photos

Get tips and tricks on how to take quality photographs of food.

iPad Market Share Dips Below 30 Percent on Eve of iPad Air Launch

Android tablet makers continued to take market share away from Apple in the third quarter of 2013, according to new data released from IDC.

Apple OS X Mavericks Review

OS X Mavericks offers faster performance and better battery life than Mountain Lion. It\'s also free, so users would be foolish not to update... right?

FAA to Allow Electronic Device Usage During All Phases of Flights

Airline passengers will soon be able to use their electronic devices throughout the entirety of their flights.

Google Adds Pandora App to Chromecast

Google has announced support for Pandora on Chromecast.

Google Nexus 5 Announced, Available Today for $350

After several days of leaks and anticipation, Google has formally unveiled its latest flagship Android phone: the Nexus 5.

Android 4.4 KitKat Official, Smartphone OS for “the Next 1 Billion Users”

Google has finally unveiled Android 4.4 KitKat, which it claims is a targeted at the “next 1 billion users.”