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Articles for March of 2010

Below are the 5 articles for March of 2010

TechnologyGuide Goes to Disneyland for PMA 2010

While many manufacturers make their big announcements at CES, they always save some serious news for the nearly 10,000 attendees at PMA. This year was no exception as big names[...]

Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue Solid State Drive: Ratings and Specs

In terms of performance, SSDs surpass traditional hard drives in every measurable way. That includes sustained read and write speeds up to 200% faster when compared with traditional hard drives[...]

TechnologyGuide @ CTIA

Brighthand\’s CTIA Smartphone Predictions On the eve of CTIA 2010, Brighthand\’s resident smartphone expert Ed Hardy offers his insights on the devices rumored to be making an appearance in Las[...] Netbook Market Survey Analysis

Since the netbook debuted in 2007 with the popular ASUS Eee PC 701, the smaller, low-powered, and low-cost laptop has found a growing niche in a consumer base looking for[...]

TechnologyGuide @ CTIA 2010

Those in the market for smartphones or mobile devices should pay attention to the news from the International CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association) trade show in Las Vegas earlier in[...]