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Articles for June of 2012

Below are the 20 articles for June of 2012

Amazon Cloud Drive for MacOS Review: Handy Access To Abundant Multimedia Storage

Amazon Cloud Drive is free software, which offers users access to cloud storage, with 5GB free, via Amazon\’s website. The software can be downloaded to a Mac or a PC,[...]

TechnologyGuide Tablet Giveaway Official Rules

TechnologyGuide Tablet Giveaway Official Rules

ASUS G75VW Review: The Best Mainstream Gaming Notebook Gets Better

There are two types of PC gamers: those that spend all their money and time buying components and building custom rigs, which they hope will be the baddest of the[...]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review: Android 4.0 and Sprint LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still a strong, noteworthy device, but it isn\’t nearly as impressive as it was when it debuted in the U.S. six months ago. The first[...]

Kodak ESP 3.2 Review: Is Low Cost Better?

The Kodak ESP 3.2 is an easy to set up all-in-one printer that offers some great creative printing options. This model features Kodak\’s Pick Flick HD app, which is Kodak\’s[...]

Samsung WB150F Review: Share and Share Alike

The Samsung WB150F offers a great deal of connectivity, allowing users to transfer photos from the device to a tablet or phone, and giving them one of the best implementations[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: The International Version

There is little room for doubt when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S III. Built with a quad-core 1.4GHz it boasts both impressive speeds and performance. Pair that with[...]

How to Keep Your Network Secure

When it comes to network security, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find themselves in a unique spot. They can’t afford the same kind of security luxuries that bigger-budget large businesses[...]

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Review: Going Pro

Initially, the Canon 5D Mark III may not seem like a huge improvement from the 5D Mark II, especially considering the anticipation awaiting its release. On the surface, the Mark[...]

Any Video Converter (AVC) Ultimate Review: Cool But Quirky DVD Copying

Any Video Converter (AVC) Ultimate allows users to copy DVDs to other DVDs, and allows users to format videos for other devices, such as tablets and smartphones. AVC Ultimate also[...]

Canon Pixma MG3120 Review: Good Value

The Canon Pixma MG3120 is marketed as a simple and budget-friendly printer that can print, scan, and copy. Reviewers at PrinterComparison appreciated the Pixma MG3120\’s easy set up; taking testers[...]

HTC One S Review: A Surprisingly Powerful Android Smartphone

Meet the HTC One S, the younger brother of the HTC One X. Sure it sports a lower resolution and has a weaker processor, but its smooth stylized metal casing[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Universally Excellent Android Smartphone

The Galaxy S III is a behemoth of a machine that offers loads of features and a powerful unit capable of handling them all.  While it\’s true that Samsung had[...]

SugarSync for iOS Review: Tons of Features, But Tough To Fathom

SugarSync offers a feature heavy application for those looking for cross platform cloud storage. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOSX, iOS, Android OS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian[...]

Samsung Focus 2 Review: The Luxury Side of Entry-Level

The Samsung Focus 2 is the most recent 4G LTE Windows Phone, and it\’s a steal offering considerable performance for the not-so-considerable price of $50. While the Focus 2 is[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad T430 Review: The Best Just Got Worse

The Lenovo ThinkPad T430 continues Lenovo\’s tradition of nondescript all-business designs placing that value function over form. The exterior is made of a strong carbon-fiber reinforced plastic which doesn\’t flex.[...]

CleanMyDrive Review: Easily Manage Storage On Your Mac

CleanMyDrive is a free application for Apple\’s Mac OS X, which cleans up external drives, riding them of unnecessary files and freeing up storage space. It is an easy to[...]

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review (2012)

The Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP) offers an amazing visual experience with its unibody aluminum construction and beautiful retina display. Apple began the trend of doubling up on[...]

Canon Pixma Pro-1 Review: Second to None

The Canon Pixma Pro-1 Professional Inkjet Printer is an A3+ photo printer (wide format printer) with an advertised print resolution of up to 4800×2400 dpi. This is a high end[...]

Will Windows 8 Get Business Users Off the iPad?

As heralded by the announcement of Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 is coming to a tablet PC near you soon. Could it mark the end of the bring-your-own device movement sweeping[...]