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Articles for July of 2011

Below are the 5 articles for July of 2011

Facebook Launching Video Chat Service through Skype

Remember a few months ago when it seemed there was a head-to-head battle between Google and Facebook over who was going to purchase Skype? And then Microsoft beat them both?[...]

Netflix Cost for \’Combined\’ Service Increases by 60 Percent

Netflix announced changes to their unlimited streaming and DVD-by-mail services today. Netflix is now offering separate plans for each service that will allow users to choose unlimited streaming or unlimited[...]

How to Instant Boot Chrome OS

Ever feel like plain old Windows is just taking too long to boot? Ever wish that there was a reliable alternative to Microsoft’s OS that provided faster speeds without being[...]

2D Ticket Sales Outselling 3D at the Movies

He also highlighted that tickets for Harry Potter went on sale earlier in the week, and while 2D tickets made the top 5 on the “top sellers” list, 3D ticket[...]

Return to School in Style: Our Top Classroom Tech Choices

Technology is evolving to the point where most students have replaced paper notebooks with notebook PCs… and we\’re here to offer our top classroom choices for the technologically inclined student.[...]