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A Beginner\’s Guide to Home Theater Audio

Home theater is more than just an HDTV. Sound quality is half the equation. Formerly the domain of movie buffs and audiophiles, the electronics makers are now trying to meet[...]

You Don\’t Own Your Amazon Kindle eBooks

You may own a Kindle full of books, but in reality, the only thing you truly own is the Kindle. Buried in the spaghetti code that is Amazon\’s Kindle license[...]

5 Unexpected Movies To Make Your Surround Sound System Shine

It does not take a genius to recommend a good surround sound movie. Just pick any action flick that had a ridiculous budget, two or more sequels, and tons of[...]

HP Brings Connected Music To All Of Its Windows 8 Devices

With a private concert by No Doubt in Paris and in collaboration with Universal Music, HP presented Connected Music, an internet service which it will now offer to all users[...]

Apple Branded HDTV: FaceTime Could Be Apple\’s Winning Feature

An HDTV from Apple has been long rumored, and it looks like dreams could be coming true for Apple fans sometime before the end of 2013. According to the Wall[...]

The Future of Home Theater Tech and Television

Your home theater is the next battle ground for technology vendors. Find out what that means for the future of entertainment.

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Those looking for a worthy upgrade in gaming gadgets, look no further than the Nintendo 3DS XL. The updated version of last year’s 3DS, the device boasts a 90% larger[...]

What is MHL? It\’s the Future of HDMI and HDTV Connectors

Creators of the popular content streaming box, Roku, which streams content from a box directly to user’s televisions, will be introducing the Roku Streaming Stick. The Roku Streaming Stick looks[...]

Boxee TV Review

The Boxee TV is a device users can plug into a television via an HDMI cable to route live television and online entertainment platforms to the TV. The idea behind[...]

Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 Rumor Round Up: What We Think We Know about Next Gen Consoles

But that doesn\’t mean that there aren\’t a wealth of rumors — some seemingly more reliable than others — spreading around about what these new consoles will be packing and when we\’ll[...]

TechnologyGuide Holiday Buyer\’s Guide

The holidays are around the corner; Halloween ushers in a whirlwind holiday season, and shopping quickly takes precedence after Thanksgiving Day football games. Starting on Black Friday, many are up[...]

Microsoft Smartglass: Bringing the Second Screen to Your Home Theater

Dual-Screen gaming appears to be the next forefront to explore further and at this year\’s E3 event, everyone was eager to show off their own take on the concept. Sony[...]

Nintendo Announces $99 Wii mini

The Wii mini, the latest addition to the Nintendo Wii family, was announced shortly after an advertisement from Best Buy Canada exposed the device prematurely. The announcement of the Wii[...]

You Don\’t Own That: Music, Movies, Books and Death in the Digital Age

Just as the rumors of Morgan Freeman’s death have been greatly exaggerated, so have the rumors that action flick icon Bruce Willis is suing Apple for the right to bequeath[...]

What Is Nintendo Thinking? The Wii U Looks Like a Dud

The Nintendo Wii was an amazing console. It revolutionized gaming, opening the console experience to the masses, because if you could do something in real life, chances are you could[...]

Wii U TVii Overview: Nintendo Brings A Unique Viewing Experience To Wii U Users

By: Jesse Miller Modern consoles are no longer just dedicated gaming machines. They are now home entertainment hubs, functionally speaking, with the ability to stream and store programing. Nintendo kicked off[...]

The Technologies of Tomorrow: EmTech 2012 at MIT

We\’ve seen the future… or at least what the engineers and innovators at the companies that will be driving it in areas such as energy, communications, entertainment, and data think[...]

Audiofly AE78 Headphones Review

While a $200 price tag at the time of the review puts the Audiofly AE78 headphones in the “high-end” category, DesktopReview is convinced there is no better option for the[...]

The Merry Tablet: A Holiday Traveler\’s Dream Gadget

Holiday travel usually means long lines, car rides, crowds, flights, delays, and a lot of waiting around. The good news is that we live in a day and age where[...]

Baldur\’s Gate Enhanced Edition Review

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is Overhaul’s upgraded edition of the classic role-playing game Baldur’s Gate. Every aspect of the original Baldur’s Gate remains intact in BG: EE including the story,[...]