Health & Fitness 2012 Articles

Popular Health & Fitness Articles for 2012

Best of the Worst: Top 6 Most Embarrassingly Useless Fitness Gadgets

The Hawaii Chair: You know you\’re in for it when you can\’t even keep a straight face long enough to hear the supposed health benefits of a proposed fitness gadget.[...]

High Tech, No Touch: Are Virtual Doctor Visits in Your Future?

Coming down with the flu, a fever, pink eye or a sore throat is bothersome enough and then there\’s the dreaded trip to the doctor\’s office where you get to[...]

Bill Gates\’ Game of Thrones Paves Way for the Toilet of the Future

The words \”toilet\” and \”Bill Gates\” rarely come together in the same sentence, unless of course the conversation turns to Windows ME. Buggy operating system aside, it may only be[...]

FDA Approved \”Digital Pill\” Turns Sci-Fi Into Sci-Fact

Early in August, the FDA gave its official stamp of approval for a \”digital pill\” that will help medical professionals track a patient\’s health from inside the body. Sounding like[...]

Indulge In This: Technology to Help You Lose Weight

There\’s a ballooning segment of the population turning to social media, digital gadgets and a smorgasbord of apps for weight loss. But, does all the score keeping, calorie counting, meal[...]

Nike Announces Accelerator Startup Program, Virtual Game

Nike has gone full speed ahead with its Nike+ digital fitness technology over the past few years, releasing a wealth of fitness tracking tech through smartphone apps, accelerometers, and their[...]

Impact Sensors the Future to Building a Better Sports Helmet

Can a thin, breathable mesh skullcap that houses a high performance indicator that captures data on impact to the head during sports help protect against brain injury? Sports equipment manufacturer[...]

3D Printing: Express Yourself…Literally

You may never look at your inkjet printer in the same way again. In university laboratories and start-up companies, biomedical engineering pioneers are working on printing living tissue, aka body[...]

Spread Holiday Cheer With The 12 Tech Days of Christmas

Christmas is upon us and at TechnologyGuide, we have wrapped up the 12 Tech Days of Christmas with care, and placed them under the tree. Since we thought it would[...]

Download Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

Today, a visit with the doctor is often followed by a trip to the pharmacy. In the not too distant future, a visit to the doctor may also be followed[...]