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Top Five Smart Baby Monitors for Modern Parents

Technology rocks the cradle, and if you want to see the proof in the pudding, you need look no further than some of the technological gadgets that are available today.[...]

You Don\’t Own Your Amazon Kindle eBooks

You may own a Kindle full of books, but in reality, the only thing you truly own is the Kindle. Buried in the spaghetti code that is Amazon\’s Kindle license[...]

Technology is Going to The Cats and Dogs: The Best Pet Gadgets

Most pets make use of modern technology as either a chew toy or a warm place to nap, but our furry loved ones can also benefit from gadgets in other[...]

What to Look for in a Kids Tablet

It seems that everywhere you look these days, electronics companies are manufacturing tablets designed specifically for kids. With no shortage of choice on the market, parents are now faced with[...]

TechnologyGuide Holiday Buyer\’s Guide

The holidays are around the corner; Halloween ushers in a whirlwind holiday season, and shopping quickly takes precedence after Thanksgiving Day football games. Starting on Black Friday, many are up[...]

Amazon Sales Tax Debate: Could Bring Shorter Shipping Times and Jobs

On September 15, California joined the small yet growing list of states where consumers will now be forced to pay sales tax for purchases made through the online retail giant,[...]

Nintendo Announces $99 Wii mini

The Wii mini, the latest addition to the Nintendo Wii family, was announced shortly after an advertisement from Best Buy Canada exposed the device prematurely. The announcement of the Wii[...]

Bill Gates\’ Game of Thrones Paves Way for the Toilet of the Future

The words \”toilet\” and \”Bill Gates\” rarely come together in the same sentence, unless of course the conversation turns to Windows ME. Buggy operating system aside, it may only be[...]

Black Friday Tips: Getting the Best Deals and Surviving the Holiday Shopping Rush

It\’s cooomiiiing! Bargain hunters are busy licking their chops and counting down the days in anticipation of landing some of the best tech and entertainment deals of the year. If[...]

Impact Sensors the Future to Building a Better Sports Helmet

Can a thin, breathable mesh skullcap that houses a high performance indicator that captures data on impact to the head during sports help protect against brain injury? Sports equipment manufacturer[...]

Amazon Announces \”Kindle FreeTime Unlimited\” For Kids

Amazon has provided a heaping of details about Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a new expansion to the company\’s kid-friendly FreeTime service that will be available for the latest Kindle Fire and[...]

A Slacker\’s Guide to Last Minute Holiday Gift Subscriptions

Back in the dark ages before the internet, last minute Holiday shopping could send one in to a panic. But these days, with the widespread availability of online gift cards[...]

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Camera Overview

DigitalCameraReview got some time with the Samsung Galaxy Camera; an Android-based camera that also acts as a smartphone (without the phone) and tablet, bringing new meaning to the idea of[...]

Spread Holiday Cheer With The 12 Tech Days of Christmas

Christmas is upon us and at TechnologyGuide, we have wrapped up the 12 Tech Days of Christmas with care, and placed them under the tree. Since we thought it would[...]

NORAD Tracks Santa with Bing This Year, Not Google Maps

Since 1955, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (or NORAD for short) has been tracking Santa Claus as he makes his way from the North Pole and drops packages off[...]