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Popular Mobile Articles for 2012

Mobile Banking and Mitek: Business Finally Starting to \”Get\” B-to-C Apps

U.S. Bank will soon up the ante in business customer service with the introduction in early 2013 of a Mobile Photo Bill Pay application for their customers. The fifth largest[...]

Forwarding Work Email to Personal Gmail Could Be Dangerous

Employees could be putting their business\’ security at risk whenever they forward an email from a company account over to their personal Gmail accounts, according to a SearchConsumerization report. As[...]

The Always On Employee: What Does MDM Mean for Me?

Are you a bring your own device (BYOD) rebel rouser? A freewheeling employee using whatever mobile device suites your computing style whenever? If so, it\’s important to know about mobile[...]

The Great Reinventors: Best & Worst Tech Company Rebranding Efforts

A brand defined as a complex set of inter-related components that overall set an expectation for a customer experience. A brand involves the name the logo, the colors, the tone,[...]

QR Codes Pose Security Risk, Becoming Obsolete Experts Claim

QR codes have pre-dated their most common usage cases by decades, and just as we are getting to know them, some pundits are predicting the demise of the blocky scanner[...]

Apple vs. Samsung: What It Means for Consumers

Two tech giants are slugging it out in courtrooms all over the world. Find out it means for the iPhone, Galaxy series, and even every other Google Android device on[...]

What Are the Best Apps for Financial Pros?

The mobile device world is saturated with applications that provide numerous functions. Each year developers create newer, more efficient apps that can perform the most complicated or perfunctory financial tasks.[...]

Skype 3.0 for Android Review

Skype, the audio and video chat application that allows users to connect with each other over the Internet for free, has finally released an update specifically optimized for Android tablets,[...]

Wave Connections Review: Push to Talk Reborn

As Sprint continues to move away from its Nextel service and ultimately eliminates the system’s push-to-talk technology, a new app has begun to fill the void left by the riddance[...]

What Does 802.11ac Mean For Business?

802.11ac is the latest Wi-Fi standard, which promises blazingly fast Wi-Fi speeds. TechnologyGuide looks to separate its promise from reality, and figure out what it means for businesses.

Square Credit Card Reader Review

Square Credit Card Reader makes it easy to take credit card payments whether the user is a small business owner or a friend splitting the bill at dinner. And with[...]

BYOD and Cloud Storage: A One Two Punch to Enterprise Security

Today, the advent of the cloud and the proliferation of inexpensive hand-held mobile devices has changed everything. And corporate security personnel are scrambling for ways to make sure these[...]

BYO Security Threat: Empowered Employees Able to Ignore Policies in BYOD Era

The self-empowered BYO employee is as compelling to businesses as the proposition is terrifying. With a massive BYO movement afoot, organizations are scrambling to figure out how to reap the[...]

Samsung Working to Fix Security Hole

Samsung has acknowledged the existence of a security vulnerability in many of its leading devices, and says that it is currently working on a software update that will resolve the[...]

BYOD? Try BYOA, New Study Suggests

The \”bring your own device\” movement — or \”BYOD\” for short — has been discussed ad nauseum in IT circles over the past few years, and with good reason: more[...]

Google Cuts Free Version of Google Apps for Businesses

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing the free version of its Google Apps for Business, effective immediately. Previously, small businesses with up to 10 accounts — and before[...]

Join.Me Review: Free & Easy Screen Sharing from PCs to iPads

For offices that have employees on Macs, PC, and even tablets, it can be difficult to set up a meeting with screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms. Using Join.Me, this common[...]

Google Integrates Drive into Gmail

Google has integrated its Google Drive cloud storage service into Gmail, allowing users to now attach files up to 10GB in size in their messages. Previously, Gmail\’s attachment limit was[...]

Cubby Pricing Plans Revealed, Offers 100 GB for $7

LogMeIn has unveiled the official price points for Cubby, its cloud storage service that is competing with the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box, among others. $6.99 per[...]

BYOD the New Cost-Effective Norm, But There are Considerations

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is one of the hottest – and most important – trends of the year.  However, the word \’trend\’ doesn\’t really begin to describe what\’s[...]