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How To Stash Online Videos for Offline Viewing

The internet has put millions of movies and TV shows at our fingertips -- but only when we\'re online. Here\'s how you can change that.

Screen Casting 101: The Wired and Wireless Ways to Share Displays

Want to share your small screen-display with a big-screen HDTV? There are many ways to do it, maybe too many.

What\’s the Best Way to Back Up iTunes and Your Other Music?

You have a ton of music stored on your computer, so what happens if you break it? Music lost, right? Wrong, if you back it up. Here\'s how.

How To Back Up Your Data with Amazon Glacier

There are plenty of options for cloud storage, but Amazon Glacier is the cheapest, and also most reliable. So, what\'s the catch?

Mozy, Carbonite and Other Cloud Backup Services for the Lazy

Backing up your data is enough of a hassle that many simply don\'t do it. Luckily a handful of reputable and automated cloud backup firms are available, offering a mix[...]

How To Switch from Windows to Mac, and Vice Versa

Looking to move from Mac to Windows, or vice versa? It\'s surprisingly easy, if you know how.

Do Business Users Really Need SSDs, Or Will HDDs Work?

Back in the dark ages, storage technology on computers was extremely limited. With the advent and proliferation of laptops, that technology has taken a big leap, leaving many people still[...]

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P Notebook Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P is an affordable gaming notebook that certainly has the reviewers impressed. Find out why.

Notebook Buying Guide: How Much Should You Spend on a New Computer?

In the market for a new notebook? Here\'s what you need to know before making that all-important purchase.

What are the Best Laptops?

There many notebooks on the market right now, all ranging in specs, size, and performance. This is why TechnologyGuide has assembled a list of the top notebooks for August 2013.

Sony VAIO Fit 15 Notebook Review

The VAIO Fit 15 is part of Sony\'s just-announced VAIO Fit line of notebooks. Find out if its any good in this full Windows 8 notebook review.

Dell Latitude E5530 Review

It\'s obvious from its sturdy build that the Dell Latitude E5530 is a business notebook made to last. Does that mean it\'s a decent laptop, too?

Have a New Laptop? Here\’s How to Inspect It for QA

Find out how to inspect your new notebook for quality assurance before you toss all the packaging.

How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

Most homes have a wireless network these days, but many people are not taking the necessary steps to ensure their network remains secure. Read more to find out how to[...]

Buying Mom and Dad a Computer? Read This First

Buying mom or dad a computer? There are plenty of options to consider, including Chromebooks, tablets, hybrids, all-in-ones, and traditional notebooks.

Working in the Cloud: Road Warrior iPad Apps & Accessories

Businesses are cloud bound, resulting in a more mobile and productive workforce. TechnologyGuide takes a closer look at this trend, with the a focus on the end-user. What does it[...]

HP ENVY dv7 Review

The HP ENVY dv7 is a good machine for anyone interested in replacing a standard desktop computer at a good balance of configuration and cost. With a 17.3-inch screen and[...]

The Three Windows 8 Tablets to Watch from CES 2013

Three wildly different Windows 8 tablets. Three separate target customers. Three very unique designs. Even though all of these tablets run Windows 8 and feature third-generation Intel Core i-series chips,[...]

What is Super Wi-Fi?

Super Wi-Fi promises ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity for all... for free! Or does it? Get the facts about this exciting wireless technology, including what\'s real, and what\'s Wi-Fi fantasy.

HP Brings Connected Music To All Of Its Windows 8 Devices

With a private concert by No Doubt in Paris and in collaboration with Universal Music, HP presented Connected Music, an internet service which it will now offer to all users[...]