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Popular Security Articles for 2013

Email Showdown: Gmail vs. Yahoo! vs. Outlook vs. the Field

Free email clients are a dime a dozen these days, but how do you know which one will best fit your needs? Let\'s take a look.

How To Set Up an Inexpensive Home Security System

There are plenty of inexpensive options when it comes to monitoring your home while away on vacation.

Emerging Tech Drives SMB Home-to-Office Telecommuting Activities

By all indications, small-to-medium size businesses are on the move, in more ways than one.

VIDEO: Netgear Genie – Manage All Devices On Your Network With Ease

NetGear had its NetGear Genie on display at CES 2013, a router management device for home or small offices. TechnologyGuide was in Vegas to take a closer look.

How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

Most homes have a wireless network these days, but many people are not taking the necessary steps to ensure their network remains secure. Read more to find out how to[...]

Working in the Cloud: Road Warrior iPad Apps & Accessories

Businesses are cloud bound, resulting in a more mobile and productive workforce. TechnologyGuide takes a closer look at this trend, with the a focus on the end-user. What does it[...]

Thinx 4G LTE Camera with Smart Alert App: Intelligently Monitor your Home or Business

Thinx takes a unique approach to remote video monitoring for homes and small businesses by letting users set SMS alerts for specific times of day or events, which they can[...]

What is Two-Step Verification? How Do You Set it Up?

What is two-step verification and how can it help you from being the victim of online identity theft?

OmniPeek Enterprise 7.0: Monitor And Manage Any Wireless Network

There’s a broad range of functionality in the latest release of OmniPeek from WildPackets, including a large number of tools that make it easy to keep wireless LANs on the[...]

LenovoEMC PX2-300D Network Storage Review

The LenovoEMC PX2-300D offers easy to use network storage for small businesses.

Belkin Introduces NetCam with WeMo SMART Capabilities At CES 2013

Belkin announced yesterday at CES 2013 that it has developed upgrades to its NetCam, a wireless networking camera, including HD quality and WeMo SMART capabilities. The NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera,[...]

Microsoft Offers Solutions for Legacy Apps with Windows 8

Microsoft knows businesses are weary about upgrading to Windows 8, which is why the company has incorporated plenty of solutions to help IT ensure compatibility with legacy apps.

Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones: A Different Kind of Workplace Mobility

Companies need to catch up to mobility trends to keep data secure and employees happy.

NSA and FBI Allegedly Spying on Citizens Through PRISM Program

The Washington Post has reported that the NSA and FBI have organized a program dubbed PRISM that could be collecting user data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Skype, and more.

Just What is NFC, Or Near Field Communications?

You\'ve likely heard about NFC, or near-field communications, as a feature on smartphones, or maybe even a credit card replacement. So, exactly what is it?

Why Your Company is Finally Cloud Bound

The next big upheaval in enterprise technology is happening as you read this. Large scale corporations are in the midst of staging major migrations from the world of yesterday, onsite[...]

iOS 6.1 Security Flaw Can Bypass iPhone Lockscreen

iOS 6.1 launched only a few weeks ago, but users have already found an security exploit that lets anyone bypass the iPhone lockscreen and gain unauthorized access to someone\'s private[...]

What Does Apple iOS 7 Have in Store for Business?

Registered Apple developers have a sneak peak at some of the new features in iOS 7 for enterprise.

Absolute Software Brings LoJack To Samsung Galaxy S4

LoJack, a popular theft prevention and recovery software for automobiles and laptops, is baked into the Samsung Galaxy S4 and will launch early this summer.

Google Updates Android Device Manager to Include Remote Lock Feature

Google has updated its Android software to give users the ability to remotely lock a lost or stolen device.