Smartphone 2012 Articles

Popular Smartphone Articles for 2012

Apple Branded HDTV: FaceTime Could Be Apple\’s Winning Feature

An HDTV from Apple has been long rumored, and it looks like dreams could be coming true for Apple fans sometime before the end of 2013. According to the Wall[...]

Apple iPhone 5 Review: Bigger and Better

Prior to its release, there was no doubt the Apple iPhone 5 would be a hit. Preorders sold out in hours, and lines formed outside Apple Stores days before it[...]

How to Play Old-School Video Games on Android Tablets

In the gaming community, nostalgia is power. It doesn’t matter if today’s latest release of “War of Shootfighter 6: Modern Violence Guy” boasts super high quality graphics or enormous set[...]

Vintage iPhone Cases: A Nostalgic Spin for Your Modern Device

Gadget design has evolved dramatically since Mr. Belding scolded Zack Morris for ordering pizza delivery on his Motorola DynaTAC during class at Bayside High. In the late 80s, \”mobile tech\”[...]

Motorola Droid RAZR M Review

While the smartphone market is awash in high-profile and relatively high-priced handsets from Apple, Samsung, HTC and others, there are still many excellent mid-range offerings available that are less expensive,[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: Big, Powerful, Productive

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was a quirky device, to say the least. With an enormous frame, outmoded technology, and a strange emphasis on reintroducing the stylus to today\’s market,[...]

The Always On Employee: What Does MDM Mean for Me?

Are you a bring your own device (BYOD) rebel rouser? A freewheeling employee using whatever mobile device suites your computing style whenever? If so, it\’s important to know about mobile[...]

The Great Reinventors: Best & Worst Tech Company Rebranding Efforts

A brand defined as a complex set of inter-related components that overall set an expectation for a customer experience. A brand involves the name the logo, the colors, the tone,[...]

Black Friday Electronics Sales Down, Does It Really Matter?

The shaky future of the U.S. economy seems to have done no favors for the consumer electronics industry on Black Friday, as market research firm The NPD Group reports that[...]

QR Codes Pose Security Risk, Becoming Obsolete Experts Claim

QR codes have pre-dated their most common usage cases by decades, and just as we are getting to know them, some pundits are predicting the demise of the blocky scanner[...]

Apple vs. Samsung: What It Means for Consumers

Two tech giants are slugging it out in courtrooms all over the world. Find out it means for the iPhone, Galaxy series, and even every other Google Android device on[...]

Wave Connections Review: Push to Talk Reborn

As Sprint continues to move away from its Nextel service and ultimately eliminates the system’s push-to-talk technology, a new app has begun to fill the void left by the riddance[...]

TechnologyGuide Holiday Buyer\’s Guide

The holidays are around the corner; Halloween ushers in a whirlwind holiday season, and shopping quickly takes precedence after Thanksgiving Day football games. Starting on Black Friday, many are up[...]

What are the Best iOS Arcade Games?

The Apple App Store is a treasure trove of classic arcade games — the very same quarter munchers that consumed way too much of your allowance in the 80s and[...]

Tablets, Ultrabooks and 4K TVs, The Most Innovative Products from IFA 2012

IFA 2012 marked the complete transition from what was a home entertainment showcase to a full-on electronics and gadget tradeshow, complete with the latest and greatest tablets, Ultrabooks, and HDTVs.[...]

You Don\’t Own That: Music, Movies, Books and Death in the Digital Age

Just as the rumors of Morgan Freeman’s death have been greatly exaggerated, so have the rumors that action flick icon Bruce Willis is suing Apple for the right to bequeath[...]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Universally Excellent Android Smartphone

The Galaxy S III is a behemoth of a machine that offers loads of features and a powerful unit capable of handling them all.  While it\’s true that Samsung had[...]

Do You Sleep Text? Smartphones & Tablets Play a Role in Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and doctors are regularly telling Americans that they aren\’t getting enough of it. Studies have shown technology can play a role[...]

Google Announces Nexus 4, New Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Android 4.2

Hurricane Sandy may have caused Google to cancel its big New York event in which the search giant was set to unveil new devices and an update to its Android[...]

BYO Security Threat: Empowered Employees Able to Ignore Policies in BYOD Era

The self-empowered BYO employee is as compelling to businesses as the proposition is terrifying. With a massive BYO movement afoot, organizations are scrambling to figure out how to reap the[...]