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How To Stash Online Videos for Offline Viewing

The internet has put millions of movies and TV shows at our fingertips -- but only when we\'re online. Here\'s how you can change that.

How To Manage and Organize Your Digital Photos

Even if you have a ton of digital photos just waiting to be imported, organized, and managed, it doesn\'t have to be a daunting task. You likely already have all[...]

How To Do Everything New in iOS 7

There are many new features in iOS 7, and here\'s how to take advantage of them all, including iTunes Radio and the new Control Center.

How To Set Up an Inexpensive Home Security System

There are plenty of inexpensive options when it comes to monitoring your home while away on vacation.

GPS Indoor Maps are Here: Never Get Lost In a Mall or Museum Again

Ever get lost at the mall or race around a casino looking for a bathroom? That all could be a thing of the past as indoor mapping brings GPS-style maps[...]

How To Sync Apple iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks

Apple tore down some of the walls separating iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Here\'s how to take advantage of them both.

What are the Best Tablets?

Looking for a tablet but don\'t know which to buy? Look no further as TechnologyGuide presents the top 5 tablets for July 2013.

You Don\’t Own Your Amazon Kindle eBooks

You may own a Kindle full of books, but in reality, the only thing you truly own is the Kindle. Buried in the spaghetti code that is Amazon\’s Kindle license[...]

How To Reuse and Recycle Old Phones and Gadgets

Not sure what to do with your old device? Read on for different ways to get extra mileage out of your retired tablets and smartphones.

Banish Winter Blues with the Top 5 Yoga Apps

Winter is here and there are plenty of excuses not to head out to the gym, so why not create a yoga studio right in your home with one of[...]

Android Leads in Global Tablet Sales for Q2, Beats Apple iPads

Android took first in sales for tablets in Q2 2013, while Apple fell.

How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

Most homes have a wireless network these days, but many people are not taking the necessary steps to ensure their network remains secure. Read more to find out how to[...]

Buying Mom and Dad a Computer? Read This First

Buying mom or dad a computer? There are plenty of options to consider, including Chromebooks, tablets, hybrids, all-in-ones, and traditional notebooks.

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest phablet from the company, boasting some impressive features.

The Samsung ATIV Tab 7 Review

The Samsung ATIV Tab 7 is a Windows 8 tablet, much like the Microsoft Surface. How does it compare?

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Review

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft added both Start Screen and Desktop features. Find out if this major Windows 8 update makes a compelling case for the tile-centric operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is the newest tablet in Samsung’s pen-based Android tablet line. Is it any good?

Working in the Cloud: Road Warrior iPad Apps & Accessories

Businesses are cloud bound, resulting in a more mobile and productive workforce. TechnologyGuide takes a closer look at this trend, with the a focus on the end-user. What does it[...]

Apple iPad Air Review

The Apple iPad Air is faster, lighter, and thinner than past models, but its A7 chip is limited with only 1GB of RAM.

The Three Windows 8 Tablets to Watch from CES 2013

Three wildly different Windows 8 tablets. Three separate target customers. Three very unique designs. Even though all of these tablets run Windows 8 and feature third-generation Intel Core i-series chips,[...]