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Cars as Mobile Hotspots: How Exactly Do Cars Use Wi-Fi?

The world is getting more connected with each passing day. From smartphones to laptops to tablets to everything in between, the ability for users to get onto the Internet has[...]

Nike+ GPS Running App Review

The Nike + app is a GPS running aid that helps runners keep track of important data in real time while running, reflect on data after the fact, and compare[...]

How To Set Up an Inexpensive Home Security System

There are plenty of inexpensive options when it comes to monitoring your home while away on vacation.

The New Google Maps is Here, And it’s Excellent

Google Maps was good, but now it\'s great thanks to a major update announced earlier this week at Google I/O. Find out why TG is so excited about the new[...]

5K Runmeter GPS Running App Review

The 5K Runmeter app offers serious runners, training plans, relevant data and some extra motivation to get training.

How To Check Email and Get Online While Away

While the idea of unplugging while away on vacation sounds appealing, the harsh reality is that many cannot stay offline for long. Learn how to stay connected while away.

Samsung, Google, and Apple Smart Watch Rumor Rundown

Whispers of smart watches are making the rounds, with speculation that companies like Apple and Samsung have watches in the works that will incorporate smartphone features.

Ford Focuses on App Integration for 2013

2013 brings major enhancements to Ford\’s SYNC in-car telematics product offered in the all-new 2013 Ford Focus. The all new Focus is intended to be a technological tour-de-force, offering capabilities[...]

The Best Car Tech Trends Today

Cars are more than just four wheels. The 2013 models have more high-tech features than any other product on the market, including connectivity, telematics, and navigation.

RetroSound Model Two Radio Is Made For Classic Cars, Shipping Now

RetroSound today revealed the Model Two in-dash radio, which looks to combine vintage looks with modern features.

i\’m Releases Latest i\’m Watch Smartwatch And i\’m Here GPS Locator At CES 2013

The Italian company i\’m made a splash at CES last year, unveiling the i\’m Watch, the world\’s first smartwatch. At CES 2013 on Tuesday, the company has made two more[...]

TechnologyGuide Holiday Buyer\’s Guide

The holidays are around the corner; Halloween ushers in a whirlwind holiday season, and shopping quickly takes precedence after Thanksgiving Day football games. Starting on Black Friday, many are up[...]

Pioneer Announces DVD Navigation Systems With A Slew Of Entertainment Features

Pioneer Electronics announced three new multimedia DVD receivers at CES 2013, aimed at giving users entertainment and smartphone connectivity in their cars. The detachable 7-inch high-resolution WVGA displays on the[...]

Researchers Develop Improvements to In-Car GPS

Spanish researchers have developed a system of improvements that they believe will boost the accuracy and reliability of in-car GPS navigation systems.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again: Trackdot Luggage Revealed at CES 2013

Trakdot announced its Trakdot Luggage device at CES 2013, a device that will give wary airport travelers concerned about the whereabouts of their checked luggage some piece of mind. Trakdot[...]

Distracted Driving: Working From The Car Could Carry Heavy Consequences

The era of the self-driving car is practically upon us, and not a moment too soon. Twenty years ago, the biggest threat on the road used to be drunks and[...]

Pebble Makes Official Debut at CES, Launching This Month

Pebble, the customizable, smartphone-syncing, e-paper watch, is the most successful Kickstarter project of all time, having funded over $10 million dollars from almost 69,000 backers since its reveal last May.[...]

Making Car Crashes Obsolete: National Highway Traffic Safety Admin Testing Car Communication Collision Avoidance Systems

Since August, 2012, the US Department of Transportation\’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a road test of connected vehicle technology, which allows cars to actually communicate with each[...]

App Integration Standard on Many New 2013 Cars

Auto makers are utilizing the smartphone app industry more and more, as 2013 models will show vast systems designed to work with mobile device apps. Local searches, web content, and[...]

Keep it Powered On for Takeoff: Airlines Reconsidering Gadget Policy

Consumers increasingly want access to their digital devices at all times—even when transitioning from the ground to the air and back again. The Federal Aviation Administration may finally be catching[...]