Wireless 2012 Articles

Popular Wireless Articles for 2012

Cars as Mobile Hotspots: How Exactly Do Cars Use Wi-Fi?

The world is getting more connected with each passing day. From smartphones to laptops to tablets to everything in between, the ability for users to get onto the Internet has[...]

The Always On Employee: What Does MDM Mean for Me?

Are you a bring your own device (BYOD) rebel rouser? A freewheeling employee using whatever mobile device suites your computing style whenever? If so, it\’s important to know about mobile[...]

The Great Reinventors: Best & Worst Tech Company Rebranding Efforts

A brand defined as a complex set of inter-related components that overall set an expectation for a customer experience. A brand involves the name the logo, the colors, the tone,[...]

Netgear R6300 Review: The World\’s Fastest Router?

Still being developed at the time of the review, the new IEEE 802.11ac standard is the future of wireless networking technology and is making waves in the world of wireless[...]

Wave Connections Review: Push to Talk Reborn

As Sprint continues to move away from its Nextel service and ultimately eliminates the system’s push-to-talk technology, a new app has begun to fill the void left by the riddance[...]

What Does 802.11ac Mean For Business?

802.11ac is the latest Wi-Fi standard, which promises blazingly fast Wi-Fi speeds. TechnologyGuide looks to separate its promise from reality, and figure out what it means for businesses.

Aruba Instant WLAN Review

The Aruba Instant WLAN is a good product for anyone looking for a business class Wi-Fi system for a smaller business with a quick and easy set up process. The[...]

BYOD and Cloud Storage: A One Two Punch to Enterprise Security

Today, the advent of the cloud and the proliferation of inexpensive hand-held mobile devices has changed everything. And corporate security personnel are scrambling for ways to make sure these[...]

BYOD? Try BYOA, New Study Suggests

The \”bring your own device\” movement — or \”BYOD\” for short — has been discussed ad nauseum in IT circles over the past few years, and with good reason: more[...]

Smartphones Now Used More Than Laptops to Access Wi-Fi Hotspots, Study Finds

For the first time, smartphones are reportedly the most used device to access a wireless hotspot, according to a report released by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Results showed that[...]

Consumerization a Top Concern in the Enterprise, Although Clouds Have a Silver Lining

BYOD may be a top trend in businesses today, but those four letters may ultimately spell trouble for a company if the proper mobile policies are not in place to[...]

Think Your Business is Getting the Most Out of Mobile? Think Again

The consumerization of IT is a force to be reckoned with. But enterprises must put forth serious effort to get the most out of the newly liberated mobile landscape.

Boeing Makes Wi-Fi Breakthrough Using Potatoes

Aerospace corporation Boeing says that it has developed a new way to test wireless signals in airplanes, which could result in improved Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers while flying. The company[...]

Cisco to Sell Linksys Division

Networking corporation Cisco is preparing to sell off its Linksys division, according to a Bloomberg report. The company is said to have hired British financial services company Barclays to help it[...]

Top 4 U.S. Wireless Carriers to Launch Nationwide Text-to-911 Coverage By 2014

The United States\’ four largest wireless carriers have agreed to speed up progress on a text-to-911 service that would allow phone users to text messages to 911 in the case[...]

Sprint to Buy the Rest of Clearwire for $2.2 Billion

Sprint announced Monday that it has come to an agreement to acquire the roughly 50 percent stake in Clearwire that it does not already own. Last week, Sprint had offered[...]

BlackBerry 10 Launch Invites Sent by RIM

Research in Motion has officially sent out invitations for the much-anticipated reveal of its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The global launch event arrives on January 30, as expected, and[...]