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BlackBerry Cancels Fairfax Buyout as Heins Steps Down as CEO

BlackBerry cancels buyout from Fairfax and instead opts for a $1 billion investment, as Heins steps down as CEO. Read full article

Mobile News

FAA to Allow Electronic Device Usage During All Phases of Flights

Airline passengers will soon be able to use their electronic devices throughout the entirety of their flights. Read full article

Mobile News

Apple Profits Down, iPhone Sales Up in Q4 Earnings Report

Apple has issued its latest earnings report for its Q4 2013 period ending September 28, and the results are still lucrative but slightly more mixed than usual. Read full article

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New Cylindrical Apple Mac Pro Official, Coming in December

The new round Mac Pro is official, and will launch in December for $2999. Read full article

Business News

Microsoft Remote Desktop App Puts Your Windows 8.1 PC on Android and iOS

Microsoft has launched a new remote desktop app that lets you access your Windows PC from an Android or iOS phone or tablet. Read full article

Mobile News

T-Mobile to Drop International Data and Text Fees

T-Mobile has unveiled the third part of its “Uncarrier” strategy: unlimited international data and texting at no extra charge. Read full article

Cloud News

WD My Cloud Wants You to Stop Paying for Dropbox

WD has announced the My Cloud, which seeks to give you a personal cloud storage drive that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Read full article

Networking News

FreedomPop Offers First Free Wireless Plan Including Data, Voice, and Text

FreedomPop has introduced a beta version of its free wireless plan including voice, data, and text. Read full article

Wireless News

Verizon’s New Router Aims to Replace Landlines with 4G LTE

Verizon today launched a new router that allows for data and voice connectivity over its 4G LTE wireless network. Read full article

Cloud News

CloudOn Takes to the Web with its Cloud Service for Microsoft Office

CloudOn has extended its popular mobile app for editing Microsoft Office documents to the web. Read full article

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Google Updates Android Device Manager to Include Remote Lock Feature

Google has updated its Android software to give users the ability to remotely lock a lost or stolen device. Read full article

Mobile News

BlackBerry Agrees to $4.7 Billion Buyout Offer

BlackBerry announced today that it has agreed to a buyout offer from a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings for approximately $4.7 billion. Read full article