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VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest phablet from the company, boasting some impressive features. Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

It\'s big, and it\'s powerful. But is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the best phablet available? Find out in this review. Read full article

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Screen Casting 101: The Wired and Wireless Ways to Share Displays

Want to share your small screen-display with a big-screen HDTV? There are many ways to do it, maybe too many. Read full article

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BlackBerry Cancels Fairfax Buyout as Heins Steps Down as CEO

BlackBerry cancels buyout from Fairfax and instead opts for a $1 billion investment, as Heins steps down as CEO. Read full article

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Email Showdown: Gmail vs. Yahoo! vs. Outlook vs. the Field

Free email clients are a dime a dozen these days, but how do you know which one will best fit your needs? Let\'s take a look. Read full article

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FAA to Allow Electronic Device Usage During All Phases of Flights

Airline passengers will soon be able to use their electronic devices throughout the entirety of their flights. Read full article

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Apple Profits Down, iPhone Sales Up in Q4 Earnings Report

Apple has issued its latest earnings report for its Q4 2013 period ending September 28, and the results are still lucrative but slightly more mixed than usual. Read full article

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Apple iPhone 5s Review

The Apple iPhone 5s is touted as faster and lighter, with a longer battery life, but does it measure up? Read full article

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Samsung ATIV S Neo Review

The Samsung ATIV S Neo is the only Windows 8 device on the Sprint network. Is it any good? Read full article

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T-Mobile to Drop International Data and Text Fees

T-Mobile has unveiled the third part of its “Uncarrier” strategy: unlimited international data and texting at no extra charge. Read full article

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Your Office in the Cloud: Google Docs, Office 365, and What Else?

You already know about Google Docs and Office 365, but what are some of the other cloud offer suite alternatives? Read full article

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How To Do Everything New in iOS 7

There are many new features in iOS 7, and here\'s how to take advantage of them all, including iTunes Radio and the new Control Center. Read full article