BYOD Feature

Why Your Company is Finally Cloud Bound

The next big upheaval in enterprise technology is happening as you read this. Large scale corporations are in the midst of staging major migrations from the world of yesterday, onsite[...] Read full article


BYOD Security: Discerning Fact from Fiction

TG sister site SearchConsumerization recently sat down with an IT expert to find out whether or not most BYOD security concerns are valid. Read full article

BYOD Feature

Beyond the Apple iPad: The Best Tablet Alternatives

Everyone knows the Apple iPad is good, but what else is out there for those who want an alternative option with similar specs? Turns out, there are quite a few[...] Read full article


BlackBerry Secure Work Space Extends BlackBerry Balance to iOS and Android

BlackBerry has announced Secure Work Space, which will try to help iOS and Android users separate their personal and work mobile data later this year. Read full article


AT&T Will Launch BlackBerry Z10 March 22, Pre-Sales Begin March 12 (UPDATE: Coming to Verizon on March 28)

BlackBerry Z10 set to launch on March 22 through AT&T with pre-sales starting March 12. Read full article


Will BYOD Benefit the Surface Pro?

The proliferation of BYOD may be just what the Surface Pro\'s doctor ordered, according to a SearchConsumerization report. Read full article


Five Bars: Do Alternative Mobile Operating Systems Really Have a Shot?

Forget BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8. Android and iOS seem to have all we need. Why, then, would longshots like Tizen, Ubuntu Phone, and Firefox OS make any sense[...] Read full article


Pentagon to Adopt More Android and iOS Devices

The United States Department of Defense has announced its “Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan,” an initiative that will open up the DoD’s communications networks to a wider range of iOS[...] Read full article


LogMeIn Rescue Update Enables Over-The-Air Support for Android Phones

LogMeIn, the company behind the eponymous remote desktop client and the Cubby cloud storage service, announced an update to its business-focused LogMeIn Rescue remote device support service today at Mobile[...] Read full article


iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug Drains iPhone Battery Life (UPDATE)

Both Apple and Microsoft have acknowledged a bug in the new iOS update which can significantly drain battery life, memory and CPU performance in iPhones if consumers use Microsoft Exchange[...] Read full article

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BlackBerry 10 OS Review: BlackBerry Reborn

After numerous delays, BlackBerry, or the company formerly known as RIM, finally completed the next iteration of its mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10 OS. Though it has already launched in[...] Read full article


128GB Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out in U.S.

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in the United States on Saturday, and multiple reports are saying that the hotly-anticipated Windows 8 tablet is already sold out in most retail stores[...] Read full article