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T-Mobile Ditching Subsidies, Getting iPhone in 2013

In a presentation to analysts today, T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere has announced a handful of big changes, and at least one hotly anticipated addition, to the mobile carrier\’s plans[...] Read full article

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Apple vs. Samsung: What It Means for Consumers

Two tech giants are slugging it out in courtrooms all over the world. Find out it means for the iPhone, Galaxy series, and even every other Google Android device on[...] Read full article

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RIM Offering BlackBerry 10 Ready Program

The launch of RIM\’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system is just under two months away, so the company has launched a new training program of sorts for those who are[...] Read full article

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U.S. Spending More Time In Apps Than Ever Before

The average American consumers spent 127 minutes a day inside mobile apps in 2012, good for a 35 percent increase over 94 minute average from the year prior, according to[...] Read full article

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Apple Facing Hurdles with China Mobile

Apple\’s iPhone may be the most recognizable and perhaps powerful smartphone brand here in America, but it appears that the Cupertino clan has met its match overseas. China Mobile —[...] Read full article

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Google Play Letting Businesses Host Private App Stores

Google has unveiled Google Play Private Channel for Google Apps, a new service that will allow businesses to distribute their own custom applications internally without making them available to the[...] Read full article

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What Makes a Business Notebook a Business Notebook?

The term \"business notebook\" meant something ten years ago. Even though the lines have been blurred, there are still features that device a business laptop. Read full article

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Think Your Business is Getting the Most Out of Mobile? Think Again

The consumerization of IT is a force to be reckoned with. But enterprises must put forth serious effort to get the most out of the newly liberated mobile landscape. Read full article

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Google Integrates Drive into Gmail

Google has integrated its Google Drive cloud storage service into Gmail, allowing users to now attach files up to 10GB in size in their messages. Previously, Gmail\’s attachment limit was[...] Read full article

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What Does 802.11ac Mean For Business?

802.11ac is the latest Wi-Fi standard, which promises blazingly fast Wi-Fi speeds. TechnologyGuide looks to separate its promise from reality, and figure out what it means for businesses. Read full article

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Wave Connections Review: Push to Talk Reborn

As Sprint continues to move away from its Nextel service and ultimately eliminates the system’s push-to-talk technology, a new app has begun to fill the void left by the riddance[...] Read full article

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What Are the Best Apps for Financial Pros?

The mobile device world is saturated with applications that provide numerous functions. Each year developers create newer, more efficient apps that can perform the most complicated or perfunctory financial tasks.[...] Read full article