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Smartphones Now Used More Than Laptops to Access Wi-Fi Hotspots, Study Finds

For the first time, smartphones are reportedly the most used device to access a wireless hotspot, according to a report released by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Results showed that[...] Read full article

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The Great Reinventors: Best & Worst Tech Company Rebranding Efforts

A brand defined as a complex set of inter-related components that overall set an expectation for a customer experience. A brand involves the name the logo, the colors, the tone,[...] Read full article

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BYOD and Cloud Storage: A One Two Punch to Enterprise Security

Today, the advent of the cloud and the proliferation of inexpensive hand-held mobile devices has changed everything. And corporate security personnel are scrambling for ways to make sure these[...] Read full article

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BYO Security Threat: Empowered Employees Able to Ignore Policies in BYOD Era

The self-empowered BYO employee is as compelling to businesses as the proposition is terrifying. With a massive BYO movement afoot, organizations are scrambling to figure out how to reap the[...] Read full article

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Consumerization a Top Concern in the Enterprise, Although Clouds Have a Silver Lining

BYOD may be a top trend in businesses today, but those four letters may ultimately spell trouble for a company if the proper mobile policies are not in place to[...] Read full article

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The Always On Employee: What Does MDM Mean for Me?

Are you a bring your own device (BYOD) rebel rouser? A freewheeling employee using whatever mobile device suites your computing style whenever? If so, it\’s important to know about mobile[...] Read full article

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Tablet Security Focus Shifts from Software to Hardware

by Paul Korzeniowski Security has been an ongoing concern with tablets. Recent moves by Apple Inc. illustrate a potential change in emphasis, with device suppliers incorporating more hardware based security[...] Read full article

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IT Execs Cautious About the Cloud, But Compelled By Cost-Saving Benefits

In this presidential election year, consumers and business people alike may claim that the candidates and their respective followers may have their head in the clouds when it comes to[...] Read full article

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BYOD the New Cost-Effective Norm, But There are Considerations

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is one of the hottest – and most important – trends of the year.  However, the word \’trend\’ doesn\’t really begin to describe what\’s[...] Read full article

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QR Codes Pose Security Risk, Becoming Obsolete Experts Claim

QR codes have pre-dated their most common usage cases by decades, and just as we are getting to know them, some pundits are predicting the demise of the blocky scanner[...] Read full article


BYOD Denial Seen as Hazardous to IT Health

IT managers who choose to look the other way as consumer devices unofficially seep into a company may be setting themselves up for a fall. Dismissing \”bring your own device\”[...] Read full article

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Join.Me Review: Free & Easy Screen Sharing from PCs to iPads

For offices that have employees on Macs, PC, and even tablets, it can be difficult to set up a meeting with screen-sharing capabilities across multiple platforms. Using Join.Me, this common[...] Read full article