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How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

Most homes have a wireless network these days, but many people are not taking the necessary steps to ensure their network remains secure. Read more to find out how to[...] Read full article

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Samsung Unveils Knox Security Software

In an attempt to gain some traction in the mobile business sector, Samsung has unveiled an additional layer of security software known as Knox. Read full article

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Vulnerable to Security Flaw

BlackBerry has issued a “high severity” warning to users of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), cautioning that security vulnerabilities found within the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service and the BlackBerry Messaging Agent[...] Read full article

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iOS 6.1 Security Flaw Can Bypass iPhone Lockscreen

iOS 6.1 launched only a few weeks ago, but users have already found an security exploit that lets anyone bypass the iPhone lockscreen and gain unauthorized access to someone\'s private[...] Read full article

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Defense Software Can Track Movements via Social Media

Major defense contractor Raytheon has created a piece of software that can track and even predict users\' movements based on their social media activity, a recent report reveals. Read full article

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Tips For Managing Your Social Media And Employer

Most reasonably intelligent people in this world go out of their way to ingratiate themselves with their workplace superiors. It’s only common sense. Whether this is accomplished by way of[...] Read full article

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Pentagon to Greatly Expand Cybersecurity Force

The US Department of Defense is planning a major expansion to its Cyber Command cybersecurity force, according to a Washington Post report. Currently, Cyber Command consists of around 900 employees,[...] Read full article

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RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Research in Motion has announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, a device management service aimed at businesses and government agencies, is now available for download. The software is a follow-up[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Security Hole

Oracle isn’t the only company facing serious security issues with its products. Microsoft today issued an update that it says will fully resolve a zero-day security vulnerability previously found in[...] Read full article

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Oracle Patches Java Amid Security Concerns, But Issues Persist

Oracle has released an emergency software update to its Java software, designed to protect against a recently revealed security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install malware onto users’ computers. Read full article

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Belkin Introduces NetCam with WeMo SMART Capabilities At CES 2013

Belkin announced yesterday at CES 2013 that it has developed upgrades to its NetCam, a wireless networking camera, including HD quality and WeMo SMART capabilities. The NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera,[...] Read full article

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Samsung at CES: \’BYOD Will Be the Norm Within the Next Two Years\’

While Samsung has made headlines at this year’s CES for its massive, oddly shaped 4K TVs and revamped Smart Hub interface, it has also made some time for the business[...] Read full article