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Sony Wireless Speaker System Review: The Sony Speaker Ball

It\'s small and round. It\'s the Sony speaker ball! How does it sound? Read full article

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How to Set Up a Home Theater: Selecting the Right Screen Size

The bigger the HDTV the better, right? Wrong! Learn about selecting the proper screen size and setting up the ideal home theater to maximize your home entertainment experience. Read full article

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Sony Speaker Ball Preview: Serious Sound, Silly Name

The Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobil Speakers are a serious piece of portable audio tech, despite their silly street name. Read full article

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Sonos Releases Its Wireless HiFi Sound System, Playbar

Sonos has announced its Playbar, a HiFi wireless sound system that will also feature Night Mode to control loud noises when watching TV at night. Read full article

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Western Digital TV Play Unites All Of Your Streaming Services

Western Digital has annouced its WD Play TV, a device that plans to bring all streaming services together in one device. Read full article

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iTunes Has Sold 25 Billion Songs

Apple today announced that more than 25 billion songs have been bought and downloaded from the iTunes Store since it debuted in April 2003. Read full article

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Home Theater Universal Remote Buying Guide

Universal remotes have evolved technologically over the years, and devices now range from simple to complex. Read more to find out what remote will suit your home theater needs. Read full article

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RIP Sony MiniDisc: 1992 – 2013

Sony is finally axing the music player no one you know ever owned. Read full article

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Philips Sells Remaining Home Entertainment Business to Funai

Royal Philips Electronics has announced that it will be selling off the remainder of its entertainment business to Japanese electronics company Funai for €150 million ($201 million). Funai had already[...] Read full article

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Theater Guide

If money were no object, you wouldn’t need to read this article. You’d probably have already booked yourself first-class tickets to New Orleans International and bought a VIP suite at[...] Read full article

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Panasonic Bone Conduction Headphones Ears On at CES 2013

Panasonic went big at CES, announcing a gigantic 20-inch 4K Windows 8 tablet and what it claims is the world\’s largest 4K OLED ultra-high definition television, but the smallest gadget[...] Read full article

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Audio Was The Main Accessory At CES 2013

Without a doubt, the smartphone is the cool kid in the electronics industry right now. As such, almost all the audio products rolled out at CES 2013 were eager to[...] Read full article