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Download Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

Today, a visit with the doctor is often followed by a trip to the pharmacy. In the not too distant future, a visit to the doctor may also be followed[...] Read full article

Car Tech Feature

New 2013 Cars Are Raising the Bar for Safety Technology

The automotive industry has continued to upgrade safety technology, and 2013 models will display the latest. The newest features, some industry firsts, are focused on enhanced visuals, driver alerts, and[...] Read full article

Car Tech Feature

App Integration Standard on Many New 2013 Cars

Auto makers are utilizing the smartphone app industry more and more, as 2013 models will show vast systems designed to work with mobile device apps. Local searches, web content, and[...] Read full article

Health & Fitness Feature

FDA Approved \”Digital Pill\” Turns Sci-Fi Into Sci-Fact

Early in August, the FDA gave its official stamp of approval for a \”digital pill\” that will help medical professionals track a patient\’s health from inside the body. Sounding like[...] Read full article

Media Streamer Feature

Amazon Vs. Google Play: Which Reigns Supreme?

The Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, the tablets from Amazon and Google, respectively, were designed specifically for the two companies\’ content services. Google has Google Play, while Amazon has[...] Read full article

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Your Home in 5 Years, The Future of Personal Tech

Remote Controlled, Thinking Sci-Fi Appliances LG Electronics is already off to a good start in paving the way, offering futuristic versions of home appliances that\’ll make your current washing machine[...] Read full article

Car Tech Feature

Self-Driving Cars Will Be on the Road in Less than 10 Years, Seriously

In the very near future, cars will be able to pilot themselves. Long-distance commuters with 90-plus minutes to kill will be able to catch up on their reading, and the[...] Read full article

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Best of the Worst: Top 6 Most Embarrassingly Useless Fitness Gadgets

The Hawaii Chair: You know you\’re in for it when you can\’t even keep a straight face long enough to hear the supposed health benefits of a proposed fitness gadget.[...] Read full article

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What is 4K HDTV?

What Is 4K HDTV? 4K gets its name directly from its horizontal resolution, which delivers approximately 4000 pixels from one end of the HDTV screen to the other horizontally (the[...] Read full article