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Adidas Announces New Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

Adidas has announced a new smartwatch that will include a fitness tracker and media player. Read full article

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Nike Unveils New Fuelband SE for its Nike+ Ecosystem

Nike announced its new Nike+ Fuelband SE today, boasting most of the same features as the past model, but with a new design and improved specs. Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Sony SmartWatch 2: Battle of the Wearables

Two smartwatches are coming, the Sony SmartWatch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Which has an early advantage? Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Preview: Don\’t Call it a Smartwatch

Don\'t call it a smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is actually a very high-end accessory. Find out what that means in this hands-on preview. Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Revealed at IFA 2013

Samsung has formally unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch as part of its IFA 2013 product showcase. Read full article

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MapMyFitness Announces Two-Way Sync with Jawbone UP and Nike + Fuelband

Jawbone UP users can now sync data between their UP and MapMyFitness accounts. Read full article

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With LeftoverSwap, One Neighbor\’s Leftovers are Another\’s Dinner

Before you throwaway that last slice of pizza, post it to LeftoverSwap. Read full article

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BodyMedia Fit Link Review: Three-Way Fitness Tracker

The BodyMedia Fit Link is arm band fitness tracker that will monitor your sleep quality, calories burned, and weight loss goals. Read full article

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Google Glass Review: The Future is Here?

Is Google Glass the next big thing, the revolutionary product heralding the age of wearables? Or, is it just a geeky gizmo only a handful of techies will adopt? Read full article

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Samsung Unveils Future Smartphone and Wearable Tech Concepts

Samsung unveiled concepts for the future of wearable tech and smartphones. Read full article

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What is the Internet of Things and Why is it Important?

Get ready to hear a lot about the Internet of Things. It\'s the future of connected technology, and it\'s coming sooner than you think. Read full article

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Pebble Hits Retail, Now Available at Best Buy for $150

As previously rumored, Best Buy has begun selling the Pebble smartwatch. Read full article