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MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner Coming in October for $1400

MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner makes it easy for anyone to quickly create 3D files to print and share. Read full article

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With LeftoverSwap, One Neighbor\’s Leftovers are Another\’s Dinner

Before you throwaway that last slice of pizza, post it to LeftoverSwap. Read full article

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Netflix Finally Introduces User Profiles to Its Streaming Service

Netflix has announced individual user profiles for subscribers to its streaming service. Read full article

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Could Consumers 3D Print Themselves A New Home?

Curious about 3D printing a home? Find out how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how many bricks you will need to print. Read full article

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Philips Hue App Gets Update, Brings Geofencing and IFTTT Integration

With the Hue update, household light bulbs can works as alarms, timers, and even push notifications. Read full article

Pet Tech News

Track your Dog\’s Activity Levels with FitBark

Keep tabs on your dog\'s fitness levels with FitBark, the fitness tracker for man\'s best friend. Read full article

Education Tech News

HP Unveils HP Prime, Touchscreen Graphing Calculator

The HP Prime is the company’s newest graphing calculator, but it appears to be a whole lot more than that. Read full article

Household Appliances News

LG Creating Water-free Washing Machine?

LG is rumored to have a washing machine that won’t require water in the works. Read full article

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Consumers Still Like to Shop in Stores, Report Says

According to a new report by Forester Research, consumers are still more likely to visit a brick-and-mortar store than shop online, by a very large margin. Read full article

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Canadian Startup Selling 3D Scanner for $443

Canadian startup Matterform has just announced it will begin selling the Photon 3D Scanner for just $443. Read full article

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Panasonic Announces New Line of Consumer Phones

The company announced today its new lineup of telephones... not smartphones, but actual regular phones. Remember those? Read full article

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Google Begins Testing of Google Shopping Express Service

Google has begun testing of its Google Shopping Express service, rolling it out to the public via select testers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read full article