Travel Feature

The New Google Maps is Here, And it’s Excellent

Google Maps was good, but now it\'s great thanks to a major update announced earlier this week at Google I/O. Find out why TG is so excited about the new[...] Read full article

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Gmail Users Can Now Email Money To Friends, Get Real-Time Flight Information

Gmail has received a host of new features, including the integration of Google Wallet and real-time flight status updates. Read full article

Travel Review

5K Runmeter GPS Running App Review

The 5K Runmeter app offers serious runners, training plans, relevant data and some extra motivation to get training. Read full article

Car Tech News

Smart Headlights Could Make it Easier to Drive at Night in the Rain

Hate driving in the rain at night? Intel wants to make it easier for you. Read full article

Car Tech News

Volkswagen iBeetle Launching Next Year With iPhone Integration

Volkswagen and Apple have teamed up for the iBeetle, a new car that will integrate iPhone technology and aesthetic when it launches in early 2014. Read full article

Travel Review

Nike+ GPS Running App Review

The Nike + app is a GPS running aid that helps runners keep track of important data in real time while running, reflect on data after the fact, and compare[...] Read full article

Car Tech News

Using Mapping Apps While Driving is Illegal, Says California Court

A California appeals court has ruled that any form of hands-on use of a mobile telephone while driving is against state law, even looking at a map Read full article

GPS Feature

GPS Indoor Maps are Here: Never Get Lost In a Mall or Museum Again

Ever get lost at the mall or race around a casino looking for a bathroom? That all could be a thing of the past as indoor mapping brings GPS-style maps[...] Read full article

GPS Review

MapMyRun Review: An Inexpensive Fitness Watch Alternative

Who needs a dedicated and expensive fitness tracker or GPS watch when this app is free? Read full article

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FAA May Allow Tablets, eReaders During Takeoff and Landing

According to a report from The New York Times, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may adjust its rules to allow for use of these devices during all aspects of a[...] Read full article

Car Tech News

Honda Developing Smartphone App to Reduce Traffic

Honda has tested out a smartphone app that would help eliminate traffic jams, accidents, and could even improve gas efficiency; and the results bode well for commuters. Read full article

Travel News

JetBlue Announces Fly-Fi, Inflight Wi-Fi

JetBlue is developing the first inflight broadband service via a partnership with ViaSat. Read full article