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Keep it Powered On for Takeoff: Airlines Reconsidering Gadget Policy

Consumers increasingly want access to their digital devices at all times—even when transitioning from the ground to the air and back again. The Federal Aviation Administration may finally be catching[...] Read full article

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Making Car Crashes Obsolete: National Highway Traffic Safety Admin Testing Car Communication Collision Avoidance Systems

Since August, 2012, the US Department of Transportation\’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a road test of connected vehicle technology, which allows cars to actually communicate with each[...] Read full article

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Ford Focuses on App Integration for 2013

2013 brings major enhancements to Ford\’s SYNC in-car telematics product offered in the all-new 2013 Ford Focus. The all new Focus is intended to be a technological tour-de-force, offering capabilities[...] Read full article

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New 2013 Cars Are Raising the Bar for Safety Technology

The automotive industry has continued to upgrade safety technology, and 2013 models will display the latest. The newest features, some industry firsts, are focused on enhanced visuals, driver alerts, and[...] Read full article

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App Integration Standard on Many New 2013 Cars

Auto makers are utilizing the smartphone app industry more and more, as 2013 models will show vast systems designed to work with mobile device apps. Local searches, web content, and[...] Read full article

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Self-Driving Cars Will Be on the Road in Less than 10 Years, Seriously

In the very near future, cars will be able to pilot themselves. Long-distance commuters with 90-plus minutes to kill will be able to catch up on their reading, and the[...] Read full article