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Mac OS X Lion Using New Digital Distribution Avenue

This will be the preferred method for obtaining the Mac OS X 10.7 upgrade; to allow users who are already running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to instantly install Lion.[...] Read full article

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How to Sideload Apps on a Budget Android Tablet

For Android devices, “sideloading” is a process through which users can download and install applications that are not directly taken from the official Android Market. Recently, it has become particularly[...] Read full article

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NFC \’Florabots\’ in Play at Taiwan\’s Flora Exhibition

In unveiling Android 2.3 this week, Google was very keen on promoting how the latest version of their mobile operating system enables near field communications (NFC) technology. What\’s personally striking[...] Read full article

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Spotlight on Microsoft Office 2010

Its clear that Microsoft Office offers something for everyone because consumers, business users and IT pros use it in equal measure. The latest version, Microsoft Office 2010, adds many new[...] Read full article

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Android Watch

Google changed the way the world uses the Web by establishing new boundaries for search engine technology.  Now, the company is trying to change the way we all use our[...] Read full article