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What are the Best Video Games?

Here are TechnologyGuide\'s favorite games of far. Be sure to check back throughout the year as the list is updated. Read full article

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Is Genuinely Free, But Well Worth Your Money (Hands-on)

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, the sequel to the popular tower defense game that was first released in 2009, has officially launched for iOS devices. We go hands-on. Read full article

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What\’s the Best Way to Back Up iTunes and Your Other Music?

You have a ton of music stored on your computer, so what happens if you break it? Music lost, right? Wrong, if you back it up. Here\'s how. Read full article

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What are the Best Digital Cameras?

The experts at TechnologyGuide and DigitalCameraReview choose the top DSLR cameras for August 2013. Read full article

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What\’s the Best Media Player? Roku vs Apple TV vs Chromecast

Looking for a media streamer? Find out how the new Google Chromecast measures up against Roku and Apple TV. Read full article

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What are the Best Laptops?

There many notebooks on the market right now, all ranging in specs, size, and performance. This is why TechnologyGuide has assembled a list of the top notebooks for August 2013. Read full article

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Killzone: Mercenary Preview – Dead Space

Killzone: Mercenary brings the dark shooter franchise to your pocket for the first time in seven years. Can it be the AAA blockbuster Vita owners have been waiting for? See[...] Read full article

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Instagram, Viber, Vine, and Kik: The Next Big Names in Social Networking

What are the next big social networking and messaging services? Read more to find out. Read full article

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Back to School: The Best Productivity Apps for Any Student

With the start of the school year just around the corner, we\'ve rounded up a list of our favorite productivity apps that\'ll make the kids\' work much less of a[...] Read full article

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What is the Best Smartphone Camera?

Looking for a smartphone with the best camera? Find out how four popular smartphones held up in different conditions. Read full article

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Google, Intel, Netflix: Why Internet TV Might Not Be a Revolution

Intel, Google, Apple and other tech giants are looking to take TV to the internet, but the future may look a lot like the present when they do. Read full article

Consoles & Games Feature

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview: Monster Hunter

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was TechnologyGuide\'s favorite game of E3. Find out why in this in-depth preview. Read full article