The Ultimate Super Bowl Home Theater Guide

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If money were no object, you wouldn’t need to read this article. You’d probably have already booked yourself first-class tickets to New Orleans International and bought a VIP suite at the Superdome for the coming showdown between the Ravens and the Niners. But since you’re a sensible person working within your budgetary limits, you’ll probably just have to settle on catching the big game on TV.

Does that mean it has to be a lame experience, crowding around your 27-inch TV set and pretending that you’re there? Not at all! Especially if you follow these simple instructions.

\"VIZIOStep One: Get Yourself a Big Screen HDTV

Okay, this may not fall under the category of “simple instruction” but it at least ensures that you will not have to travel thousands of miles to catch the big game. It’s also a good investment if you want to infuse your home theater with some serious kick-butt quotient.

While some purists might insist that even the biggest flat screen on the market is still too small to cut the mustard, bear in mind that video projection units don’t work well in the light – and as everyone probably knows, throwing a group of amped-up guys into a dark room to watch a competitive game of football could result in more than a few injuries from inadvertently thrown elbows and flailing fists. Besides, projection systems and screens cost a lot of money. Better you should hunt down some deals on a 60-inch HDTV, which you could find for under $1000 USD.

Step Two: Think Sound

\"HomeSound and video go hand in hand like pizza and beer, or peanut butter and chocolate. You can have one without the other, but in the end, it’s a far less gratifying experience. Anyway, you want to be able to hear the commentators over the inevitable howls of agony of screams of glory emanating from your living room, don’t you? Leaving it up to the speakers that came with your TV set will likely not accomplish this.

This is why you’re going to need a nice surround sound setup. Don’t think that you can just grab a couple of speakers and connect them to the audio out of your television. Even if you could, the sound quality achieved would be tinny at best and impractical for your needs. What you should do is get a surround sound system, which comes with an amp that’ll give you the necessary audio boost to enable you to hear the crash of helmet against helmet as if you’re really there on the field. You can’t get that by watching the game in person.

Step Three: Slip Into Something Comfortable

What you do with regard to the setup of your game viewing room really depends on whether you’re inviting a bunch of people \"Couchover, and how many. For dedicated Super Bowl enthusiasts who want to enjoy the game without any distractions, home theater seating will deliver the most comfortable, self-contained experience you could possibly wish for.

Granted, you could spend upwards of $3000 on a leather four-seater, but there are deals to be found that’ll keep your seating budget under $500. Just don’t expect to get an entire row of seats for that much. On the other hand, if you’re entertaining a throng of friends and don’t have room in your budget for new furniture, you could do a lot by simply clearing a big space around the front of the TV and putting down some throw pillows. If you provide enough snacks and beverages, nobody will complain.

Step Four: Get Down with Your Decorative Self

It’s the Super Bowl. You’re not entertaining a group of high society investors. So there’s no need to worry about any hoity-toity furnishings or zillion-dollar wall art. But that doesn’t excuse allowing your guests to stare at blank walls during the boring halftime show. For a few bucks, you can pick up some cool sports-themed poster prints that’ll give your home theater the finishing touch for the occasion.

\"SuperWhat’s even better is that you won\’t have to throw down a hundred dollars on a professional framing job for the posters of your choosing. By simply taking a drive down to the local arts store – guys know it as the place their wives or girlfriends are always trying to drag them to – you can find some low cost, handsome frames that will save you from getting all tacky with the thumb tacks.

Need a little more? You don’t have to stop at wall art. By visiting a sports memorabilia shop (either online or in person, if there’s one nearby) you can find all manner of collectibles. We’re talking framed jerseys from your favorite players, football display cases, shot glass collections, you name it.

Super Bowl parties are a tradition as American as Thanksgiving dinner and Fourth of July fireworks. Why skimp on the stuff that will take your party to the next level? Even if you don’t have time to get it all together by next Sunday’s game, there’s always next year – and it’s never too early to start planning. On your mark. Set. Hut!



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