Thinx 4G LTE Camera with Smart Alert App: Intelligently Monitor your Home or Business

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Smart devices are making it easier to keep tabs on every aspect of life, and monitoring systems are no exception. Thinx is ready to join the range of wireless video monitoring devices similar to the iSmart Alarm and Belkin NetCam.

The difference? Thinx will allow users to set pre-determined alerts so that they will receive an SMS to their smartphone when specific events occur.

TechnologyGuide had a chance to check out the Thinx smart monitoring device at the Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham, MA, where Verizon partners with businesses and developers to create products designed to take advantage of wireless connectivity, particularly products that might not have been connected in the past.

Thinx fits that bill well, as it is essentially a smart security camera and app combo. The folks behind it hope that it will open up monitoring options to small business and home owners alike, helping all customers keep tabs on what\’s important from a security standpoint.

At Work or At Home


With Thinx, users can set all kinds of alert parameters. For example,  the device can alert them when someone enters their home at a specific time, when off-limits areas are accessed, or help users to keep tabs as housekeepers or babysitters come and go.

Small businesses can also take advantage of this unique alert technology too. It can help shop keepers monitor how many customers are in their store, get alerts when there are too many, or to ensure employees are not lingering too long in restricted areas.

Larger business owners can set check-in times to make sure managers aren\’t closing up early, and they can keep tabs on employees accessing sensitive data or areas. All of this can be done from one remote location, and multiple business locations can be monitored at once since Thinx supports multi-streaming from more than one device.

Secure and HD

Thinx will capture 1080p HD video at a 91-degree viewing angle with H.264 MPEG video compression, which is common with most video recorders, including consumer devices. Thinx will also ensure user\’s security with 128 bit AES encryption, which it advertises as bank-level security. The device will come with an expandable 4GB SD card, but if the camera has recorded to its limit, it will begin recording over the oldest footage on the card. Users will also have the option to use FTP services such as Dropbox to store video footage in the cloud.

4G LTE Speed


The connectivity is enabled by Verizon 4G LTE, and the Thinx camera will feature controls so that users will be able to tailor different alerts to their needs, particularly in regards to managing bandwidth. As you can imagine, 24/7 video streaming can drive wireless bills sky high.

One option to keep monthly costs down includes a feature where users can view snapshots and video clips of important events rather than monitor a constant live feed. With the alert system, users will be able to view a key moment in time, rather than having to save 24 hours of video, which they would then have to comb through.

Users will be able to access the stream at any time over Verizon’s 4G LTE network with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Via the Thinx App for iOS and Android, users can change the settings of the camera remotely. Here, users will be able to set specific events to be alerted to, and if those events  occur, they will receive a text message notification with either a snapshot image or a 30 second video. From there, users can log on and view.

There is no official word on the release date or the final retail price of the device, but the company did state it will be in the range of $500 and it will run on a Verizon data plan. Users will be able to add the device to an existing plan or start up a separate plan specifically for the Thinx camera monitoring device.



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