Your Home in 5 Years, The Future of Personal Tech

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Remote Controlled, Thinking Sci-Fi Appliances
LG Electronics is already off to a good start in paving the way, offering futuristic versions of home appliances that\’ll make your current washing machine look like a relic in comparison. Employing something they call Smart ThinQ technology, LG has developed app controlled refrigerators and washer/dryers. What this means is that if you\’re away from home and want to check your washing cycle or operate your washer/dryer, all you have to do is whip out your smartphone; if you\’re in the other room, you can even check your laundry status on your connected TV screen.

LG\’s fridge is even more impressive, with a built-in brain that keeps track of inventory by scanning your shopping receipts. Not impressed? This 21st century fridge will even tell you when certain foods are set to expire, forever eliminating the need to create shopping lists, and can even recommend recipes based on what you\’ve got on hand.

Dreams of Electric Sheep
\"hi-can\"Spring mattresses are so yesterday, waterbeds are bad for your back, and memory foam is rapidly becoming old news to those who dream of a day when bedrooms will resemble the musings of futurists. If you\’ve got the money and the desire to sleep like nobody in the history of the world has ever slept, you already have at your disposal the opportunity to do so. The Hi-Can Bed is a ridiculously expensive ($60,000) slice of tomorrow that blends the concept of traditional canopy beds with a private movie theater.

What\’s even cooler than the big-screen TV that serves as the foot of this adjustable bed are the retractable blinds that offer total privacy, but we\’re pretty sure the inclusion of a built-in PC, gaming console, state-of-the-art sound system, and reading lights are pretty cool too.

Leisure and Entertainment, Re-imagined
We\’re still holding out hope for the invention of domestic robots to see to our every beck and call, and we are probably not close as it seems the best we can come up with are dancing robots that barely walk and have trouble climbing stairs. But that doesn\’t mean we can\’t have just a little slice of that dream today. iRobot offers an entire line of home vacuums that troll around like dutiful electronic slaves, leaving you one less chore to do in your already precious spare time.

And although holodecks are still a thing of Star Trek fantasy, 3D HDTVs are serving to give us all the opportunity to escape the doldrums of everyday life. In another five years, the cost of the technology will have plummeted so dramatically that everyone will have at least one. Not into 3D glasses? Neither is Toshiba, who recently unveiled their glasses-less 3D HDTV with 4K resolution.

\"Cybertecture\"Here a Touchscreen, There a Touchscreen
The tap-and-go functionality of smartphones and tablets have made us all hungry to have touchscreen technology integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. Besides, who wants to have to turn a knob or flip a switch when it ought to all be controlled by touch? We already have access to touchscreen thermostats and home security systems, but if you peel back your eyelids a bit and allow yourself to wish creatively, you\’ll find the sky\’s the limit on things that will likely make their way into our homes in just a matter of years.

How does a bathroom mirror that can double as a touchscreen display that\’ll let you floss your teeth while reading the latest headlines sound? You can get one now from Cybertecture Mirror for about $4,000 depending on the features. At that price, why not get one for your bedroom and hallway as well?




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