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How to Play Old-School Video Games on Android Tablets

In the gaming community, nostalgia is power. It doesn’t matter if today’s latest release of “War of Shootfighter 6: Modern Violence Guy” boasts super high quality graphics or enormous set[...] Read full article

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How to Print from an iPad or Android Tablet

Tablets are quickly taking the consumer marketplace by storm, and with good reason: they blend the essential bits of a smartphone and a laptop together and throw them into one[...] Read full article

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How to Choose an iPad Keyboard

Tablets straddle the line between smartphone and notebook, and while they are almost always made to be navigated through touch gestures, some people are still going to want to hook[...] Read full article

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How to Increase the Battery Life of Apple\’s iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is out, and many Apple fanatics are still giddy about their new smart companions. While most of that joy is justified – it’s a great phone, after[...] Read full article

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How to Turn Your iPad into a Business Laptop

Due to its massive consumer appeal, the iPad may not seem like the most capable machine for business users at first glance. But while Apple’s tablet does have its shortcomings[...] Read full article

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How to Prepare Your Smartphone for a Hurricane

For all of the wonderful things consumer technology can do these days, it’s still no match for Mother Nature. And now that Hurricane Irene is set to batter the East[...] Read full article

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How to Instant Boot Chrome OS

Ever feel like plain old Windows is just taking too long to boot? Ever wish that there was a reliable alternative to Microsoft’s OS that provided faster speeds without being[...] Read full article

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How to Use Your iPad as Your TV

As the economy continues to take its sweet time getting back up to speed, many consumers are cutting costs by dropping those dreaded monthly cable bills and opting to get[...] Read full article

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How to Sideload Apps on a Budget Android Tablet

For Android devices, “sideloading” is a process through which users can download and install applications that are not directly taken from the official Android Market. Recently, it has become particularly[...] Read full article