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Google Working on Its Own Android Game Console: Report

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is developing its own Android gaming console, smartwatch, and redone Nexus Q in an effort to expand the reach of the next version[...] Read full article

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Sony SmartWatch 2 Revealed, Gives Water-Resistant Second Screen to Android Phones

Sony today announced the SmartWatch 2, its latest wearable smartphone companion device for Android. Read full article

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Breathalyzer Watch Coming Soon

The Japanese-produced watch has a sobriety game and built-in breathalyzer to tell users in they are drunk or not. Read full article

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Researchers Develop Microscopic 3D-Printed Battery

A team of researchers from Harvard University and the University of Illinois have built a battery the size of a grain of sand with the help of 3D printing technology. Read full article

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Motorola is Creating a Tattoo and Pill for Password Authentication

Tired of remember all of your passwords? Motorola wants to fix that with a digital tattoo and pill. Read full article

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Meet Ellie, The Virtual Psychologist

Ellie, the virtual psychologist, could change the face of mental health with her unbiased nature. Read full article

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UV Tattoos: Business by Day, Party by Night

A tattoo that can only be seen under black light? Why would anyone want something like that? Read full article

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5K Runmeter GPS Running App Review

The 5K Runmeter app offers serious runners, training plans, relevant data and some extra motivation to get training. Read full article

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Nike+ is Running Away With My Heart

GPS run-tracking watches are no longer the gadget of choice for professional runners and fitness buffs. Amateurs have much to gain from the increasingly popular device. Read full article

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Fitbit Flex Wristband Shipping Today for $100

Wearable fitness-tracking devices are a dime a dozen these days, but that hasn’t stopped Fitbit from adding a new wristband to its ever-growing series of health-monitoring machines: the Fitbit Flex. Read full article

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review

Training for a marathon or just looking to get into shape for swimsuit season? Check out this Nike+ SportWatch GPS review. Read full article

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Chef Sleeve Smart Food Scale to Make Calorie Counting Easier

Stop Googling the calories of everything you eat. With the Chef Sleeve Smart Food Scale, you can get all the info you want just by weighing. Read full article