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The New Xbox One Keeps the Future in the Future

The Xbox One is dead. Long live the Xbox One. Read full article

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The PlayStation 4 Shows the Power of Common Sense

Sony emerged as the big winner of E3 2013 last night, and it has no one to thank but Microsoft. Read full article

Consoles & Games Post

The Xbox One is the Focus Group\’s Console

Microsoft brought the games at E3 2013, as promised, but its press conference didn\'t stray from its larger vision for the Xbox One. Read full article

Consoles & Games Post

Reality Bites: The Xbox One Plays a Different Game

The Xbox One may not be a hardcore gaming console, but it\'s a natural byproduct of the connected world today. Read full article

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Nike+ is Running Away With My Heart

GPS run-tracking watches are no longer the gadget of choice for professional runners and fitness buffs. Amateurs have much to gain from the increasingly popular device. Read full article


Blog: Excellent Alternatives to the Extended Warranty Ripoff

Extended warranties are rip offs, and manufacturer warranties often present hassles. Luckily, there are excellent alternatives to both. Read full article

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This Console Generation Will Shape the Future of Gaming

With a push to the cloud and increased competition, it’s hard to ignore the gravity of this upcoming console generation and its potential to shape the future gaming landscape. Read full article

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Nintendo is the Apple of Gaming, and Neither is Doomed

There’s no reason to call Nintendo “doomed” because of the Wii U’s historically bad month. Apple had record sales last quarter, and still its stock dropped. Read full article

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Blog: Nvidia Project Shield: Different. Daring. Dead on Arrival.

With all the gaming news breaking, it’s easy to forget about Nvidia’s Project Shield. You know, the one that looks like an Xbox controller with a touchscreen attached to it?[...] Read full article

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What Is Nintendo Thinking? The Wii U Looks Like a Dud

The Nintendo Wii was an amazing console. It revolutionized gaming, opening the console experience to the masses, because if you could do something in real life, chances are you could[...] Read full article