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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review: Sticking to Their Guns

Call of Duty: Ghosts refines its multiplayer offering, but does little to differentiate itself from previous titles. Is that enough to make it worth picking up? Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Nvidia Shield Review

The Nvidia Shield offers great performance with a stunning display to boot, but it might not be enough for users to hand over $300 considering its sparse offerings for compatible[...] Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review: Pipe Dreams

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team flirts with a fresh take on the brothers Mario, but winds up relying on fresh mechanics and pure charm to keep from being a snoozefest.[...] Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Killzone: Mercenary Review: Have Guns, Will Travel

Killzone: Mercenary is the first must-have blockbuster for the PlayStation Vita. Find out why in our review. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Madden NFL 25 Review: Fantasy Football

Madden NFL 25 focuses more on under-the-hood improvements than general gameplay changes. Find out if it\'s a touchdown or a fumble in our review. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Razer Blade Pro Gaming Notebook Review

The Razer Blade Pro is a powerful gaming notebook with some innovative features. Find out more about them in this full review. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Saints Row IV Review: The Naked Game

Saints Row IV continues the popular open world franchise in the most ridiculous ways possible. Find out if that’s a good thing in our review. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Dragon’s Crown Review: Dungeon Master

Dragon\'s Crown is a 2D beat-em-up/RPG hybrid inspired by the classic Dungeons and Dragons arcade games from years ago. Find out if it makes old feel new again in our[...] Read full article

Entertainment Review

Google Chromecast Review: Google Takes on Roku, Apple TV

Google takes on Roku and Apple TV with its own media streaming gadget, the Chromecast. It\'s cheaper than the others, but it\'s also more limited. Read more about the Google[...] Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Halo: Spartan Assault Review: Touch of Class

Halo: Spartan Assault is Microsoft\'s best attempt at turning Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 into a viable gaming platform, even if it is a little soulless. Read full article

Health & Fitness Review

BodyMedia Fit Link Review: Three-Way Fitness Tracker

The BodyMedia Fit Link is arm band fitness tracker that will monitor your sleep quality, calories burned, and weight loss goals. Read full article

Audio Review

Panasonic SC-NE5 Speaker with iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Dock Review

The Panasonic SC-NE5 features a slew of connectivity options, but the docking station is really only useful for those with an iPhone 5, iPad Mini, or extensive CD collection. Read full article