Health & Fitness Review

Google Glass Review: The Future is Here?

Is Google Glass the next big thing, the revolutionary product heralding the age of wearables? Or, is it just a geeky gizmo only a handful of techies will adopt? Read full article

DVR Review

The Dish Hopper with Sling DVR Review

The Dish Hopper with Sling is a versatile DVR that offers some unique features. Its ability to automatically skip commercials has the networks hopping mad, but how about TV viewers[...] Read full article

Media Streamer Review

Aereo Review: Functional, Modern, Incomplete

Aereo is a futuristic service that lets users watch live TV over the internet. The broadcasters hate it, but is it worth a monthly subscription? Find out in our review. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

The Last of Us Review: A New Take on a Classic Zombie Tale

The Last of Us is a familiar dark tale with an interesting twist and excellent gameplay to boot. Read full article

Entertainment Review

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Review: The Ultimate Universal Remote

It\'s not just a remote, it\'s an Ultimate universal remote. Find out why TG loves the Logitech Harmony Ultimate in this full review. Read full article

Audio Review

Panasonic SC-HTB70 Speaker Bar Review

Speaker bars can give you a surround sound experience on a tight budget, but is the Panasonic SC-HTB70 worth it compared to others in its class? Read full article

Entertainment Review

Roku 3 Review: Faster and Smaller, but is it Worth an Upgrade?

The Roku 3 is the latest media streaming box from the industry leader. But is it the greatest? Find out in this full Roku 3 review. Read full article

Entertainment Review

Slingbox 500 Review: Watch Your TV, Anywhere

Slingbox promises to deliver \"your TV, anywhere.\" Let\'s find out if its latest home theater set-top box, the Slingbox 500, actually delivers on that lofty claim. Read full article

Consoles & Games Review

Metro: Last Light Review: Tunnel Vision

Metro: Last Light returns players to the dark Russian atmosphere of its predecessor, Metro 2033, but has the gameplay been tightened up enough to make the sequel worth checking out?[...] Read full article

Health & Fitness Review

5K Runmeter GPS Running App Review

The 5K Runmeter app offers serious runners, training plans, relevant data and some extra motivation to get training. Read full article

Audio Review

Jabra Revo Headphones Review: They Sound as Great as They Look

The Revo headphones from Jabra are an attractive option for anyone looking for something other than Beats, but do minor quirks outweigh fantastic sound quailty? Read full article

Audio Review

ZVox Z-Base V220 Review: Home Theater Audio on a Budget

Audio is half the home theater experience, and low-cost speaker systems can deliver decent sound. Find out if this $200 ZVox speaker system is one of them. Read full article