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Baldur\’s Gate Enhanced Edition Review

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is Overhaul’s upgraded edition of the classic role-playing game Baldur’s Gate. Every aspect of the original Baldur’s Gate remains intact in BG: EE including the story,[...] Read full article

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Boxee TV Review

The Boxee TV is a device users can plug into a television via an HDMI cable to route live television and online entertainment platforms to the TV. The idea behind[...] Read full article

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Far Cry 3 Video Game Review

Far Cry 3 is an open-world first person shooter that provides players with a visceral and dynamic experience. Set in the fictitious Rook Isles, the environment is unpredictable and unrelenting[...] Read full article

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Halo 4 Game Review

Avid Halo gamers may have been skeptical of the release of Halo 4 from new studio 343 Industries (343i), but DesktopReview is sure fans and gamers will be more than[...] Read full article

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Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Those looking for a worthy upgrade in gaming gadgets, look no further than the Nintendo 3DS XL. The updated version of last year’s 3DS, the device boasts a 90% larger[...] Read full article

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The Walking Dead Episode 2 and 3 Review: Dark Days

The Walking Dead video game is a five-episode video game experience, it takes place in the same world as the comics and television show, yet offers a different storyline revolving[...] Read full article

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Amazon Instant Video Review

Amazon\’s Instant Video app gives users access to any Prime content as well as any downloaded content on their Amazon account. Amazon\’s Instant Video app is available for free in[...] Read full article

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Sony PlayStation Vita Review

With a spectacular screen and a vast library of games available, the Sony PlayStation Vita is a beast of a device. Yet, with a relatively high price tag for a[...] Read full article