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Media Streamer Review

Aereo Review: Functional, Modern, Incomplete

Aereo is a futuristic service that lets users watch live TV over the internet. The broadcasters hate it, but is it worth a monthly subscription? Find out in our review. Read full article

Health & Fitness Review

5K Runmeter GPS Running App Review

The 5K Runmeter app offers serious runners, training plans, relevant data and some extra motivation to get training. Read full article

Entertainment Review

Twitter Music Review: Tweet that Tune

Twitter\'s new music discovery service for iOS users features social integration and a friendly UI. Read full article

Home & Family Review

Facebook Home Review: It Cripples Android

Facebook Home is built around \"people, not apps,\" according to Mark Zuckerberg. Find out if that makes for a better Android experience. Read full article

GPS Review

Nike+ GPS Running App Review

The Nike + app is a GPS running aid that helps runners keep track of important data in real time while running, reflect on data after the fact, and compare[...] Read full article

GPS Review

MapMyRun Review: An Inexpensive Fitness Watch Alternative

Who needs a dedicated and expensive fitness tracker or GPS watch when this app is free? Read full article

Home & Family Review

Stylebook for iOS Review: Your Very Own Digital Closet

Never get struck with moments of \"I have nothing to wear\" with the Stylebook App for iOS. Catalog your closet and keep track of your wardrobe. Read full article

Health & Fitness Review

Yoga Studio For iOS App Review

For anyone looking to banish winter weight before spring arrives, yoga is a great exercise of choice. With its focus on stretching, toning, strengthening, and de-stressing, practice can range from[...] Read full article

Media Streamer Review

Amazon Instant Video Review

Amazon\’s Instant Video app gives users access to any Prime content as well as any downloaded content on their Amazon account. Amazon\’s Instant Video app is available for free in[...] Read full article