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VIDEO: Vizio Does Windows 8 – Vizio MT11x Tablet Preview

Vizio was once known for inexpensive HDTVs, but they\’re now making attempts to enter the Ultrabook and tablet markets with some success. Its latest, which debuted at CES 2013, is[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Sony Xperia Z Preview – Can Sony Make a Splash in the US Smartphone Market?

Sony has never been a player in the US smartphone market, something the company is looking to change with the Xperia Z smartphone. This Android-powered device will have a large[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Tobii Eye Tracking Tech – Navigating Computers With Eye Movements

Tobii had its Eye Tracking technology at CES 2013, hoping to give those with less mobility the option to use intuitive software to navigate computers with eye movements. Watch the[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Xi3\’s Piston Modular PC – The First Valve Steambox, But They\’re Not Calling It That

  Xi3 debuted its beta gaming device, the Piston Modular PC, at CES 2013. The console gives users the ability to use their HDTV to play PC games through Steam.[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: The Razer Edge, The First Windows 8 Gaming Tablet

The Razer Edge is a dedicated Windows 8 tablet gaming rig. In fact, it might be the only device to claim that title. Essentially, it is a full Intel Core-powered[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Lenovo Redefines The Family Computer With Its IdeaCentre Table PC

Lenovo unveiled its IdeaCentre Table PC at CES 2013, a nearly 18lb tabletop tablet device that will boast a screen size no smaller than 27-inches. The tabletop tablet is meant[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Barnes & Noble Nook HD Hands-On Preview

The Barnes & Noble Nook HD is the latest and largest tablet offered by Barnes & Noble. It is essentially Barnes & Noble\’s answer to the Kindle Fire, as the[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Vizio Shows Off Thin & Light Ultrabooks at CES 2013

Vizio was busy at CES 2013; not only did it debut a new Windows 8 tablet, it also showed off its lineup of thin and light Windows 8 Ultrabooks. Vizio[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: ASUS Qube Will Turn Any HDTV Into A Google TV

TechnolgyGuide stopped by the ASUS booth at CES 2013 to get a first look at the ASUS Qube, a media streamer that also gives users access to Google TV features.[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Lenovo Wireless Portable Monitor – Don\’t Call It A Tablet

At CES 2013, Lenovo introduced its Windows 8-ready portable monitor, which will extend a notebook desktop, bring touch capabilities to non-touchscreen computers, and more. While it may look like one,[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Samsung Series 7 Ultrabooks – Lightweight Machines With Power At CES 2013

  Samsung announced updates to its Samsung Series 7 line of Ultrabooks at CES 2013 to include the new Series 7 Chronos and Series 7 Ultra models. Samsung hopes its[...] Read full article

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VIDEO: Google Nexus 7 – Attractive In Both Design And Price

TabletPCReview got some hands on time with the Google Nexus 7, a powerful 7-inch tablet that features a quad-core processor, Google Play, and the latest iteration of pure Android. As[...] Read full article