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Slingbox App Gets Roku Support, Overhauled Slingplayer App

Sling has introduced a handful of requested features for its TV-streaming Slingbox today, including support for Roku devices and a revamp of its Slingplayer iOS app Read full article

Notebook News

Acer Debuts New $200 Chromebook

Acer has unveiled a modified version of its C720 Chromebook that costs just $200. Read full article

Smartphone News

Moto G Announced, Starts at $180 Unlocked

Motorola has unveiled the Moto G, which looks to give a more robust smartphone at a noticeably inexpensive price. Read full article

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iPad Mini with Retina Display Is Available Today

Apple has formally launched its latest 8-inch slate, the iPad mini with Retina display. Read full article

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Panasonic 20-inch 4k Toughpad Tablet will Retail for $5,999 this January

Panasonic unveiled its 20-inch 4k Toughpad last year at CES 2013, and now the company has announced availability for this January. Read full article

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Google Search App for iOS Gets Notifications, Reminders, Cards, and More

Google released an update to its Google Search app for iOS, bringing more features to users. Read full article

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Target Paying $200 for Old iPads, Even First-Gen iPads

Target is offering a $200 gift card for used iPads, including first-generation models. Read full article

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Plair 2 Coming, Going After Chromecast

Another home theater dongle is hitting the market and taking aim at the Chromecast. Read full article

Business News

BlackBerry Cancels Fairfax Buyout as Heins Steps Down as CEO

BlackBerry cancels buyout from Fairfax and instead opts for a $1 billion investment, as Heins steps down as CEO. Read full article

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Free eBooks Coming to Prime Members with Amazon Kindle First

Here\'s another reason to join Amazon Prime: free eBooks. Read full article

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PSA: Apple’s iPad Air is Available Today

Big iPad fans, rejoice: today is the day you can finally pick up Apple’s newest 9.7-inch tablet. Read full article

App News

Android 4.4 KitKat Official, Smartphone OS for “the Next 1 Billion Users”

Google has finally unveiled Android 4.4 KitKat, which it claims is a targeted at the “next 1 billion users.” Read full article