Executive Summer Tech 2011

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\"Banner_Exec\"Can’t stand to be unplugged? Keep connected to the office while cooling your heels on vacation with these executive tech tools.

Most vacationing execs will proudly claim it\’s impossible to unplug from the office while away, and add they really don’t mind checking in while checked out.

In fact, a large majority of executives, about 71%, think it\’s perfectly appropriate to be contacted with work related messages while on holiday, according to a survey from cloud services provider Intermedia. While this may stir up criticisms from those who believe too much \’work life\’ is seeping into everyday and hard-earned downtime, there are a number of tech tools available that make it easier to tap into the office flow without creating too much vacation. After all, mobile 3G networks are near ubiquitous, 4G technology is available in many major metro areas, and free Wi-Fi is often just a coffee shop away.

It\’s also easy to appreciate how such technology can also benefit a vacation by bridging the work world with Disney World, or some other vacation destination. Why cut a trip short for an emergency executive meeting when a quick web video conference will do? Staying on top of important emails scan also ease the stress of dealing with a bloated inbox when you return.

The experts at TechnologyGuide love vacationing just like everyone else, but their passion for technology and the relentless pace of the industry means they never stray too far from Wi-Fi hotspots, multi-bar coverage, and power outlets to grab a quick charge. Here are some of the devices and services our editors recommend, and sometimes use, to remain literally and figuratively plugged in.

\"TPCR\"Execs on Vacation: Unplugged?
According to a survey from a leading cloud services provider, most US workers stay connected to the office when on vacation. In addition to checking email, 75% agree contact is appropriate while on vacation. With Wi-Fi hotspots and constant connections, it seems easier to stay wired-in than to truly unplug.

\"NBR\"Lenovo ThinkPad X220: Our Top Pick For Vacationing Execs
For the traveling executive it\’s the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 or nothing, according to the experts at NotebookReview. One look at the benchmark test results and it\’s easy to see why we called it the best 12-inch enterprise-class laptop we\’ve tested to date.

\"DTR\"Seagate BlackArmor 220: The Perfect Way to Take Your Data with You
Executives never really go on vacation. Whether you\’re at the beach or on the golf course, you need access to your data. If that\’s the latest sales figures or tomorrow\’s preliminary analysis report, it needs to be online and ready to go. Fortunately, Seagate has you covered.

\"Brighthand\"Motorola Atrix 4G: Ideal for Business Travelers
Although everyone would like their vacation to be a complete escape from work, most people have to check in with the office every now and then. A device that\’s perfect for business travelers is the Motorola Atrix 4G, a smartphone that can convert into a laptop.

\"PC\"HP ePrint: Print from the Cloud this Summer
It\’s hard to imagine a workplace requiring execs to bring printers along on vacation, but printing emergencies do arise, often thanks to compliance and security policies. What\’s the vacationing exec to do, lug a printer along for the trip?