Keeping Me Zen, My California Convertible

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Follow the exploits of  student and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s user Valerie Sarnataro in her blog, Balancing Act, as she balances her work, school and social life with this  new and innovative  tablet and  notebook  convertible.   She\’ll be blogging regularly and taking you along as part of this special feature sponsored by Lenovo.


\"balancinglenovo\"S0 it’s been a while since I posted last, my apologies to those desperately awaiting my next blog! I recently made the move across the country to good old California. So packing – and repacking to meet the 50-lb weight limit – has taken up most of my time, leaving me negligent to this blog.

Beyond the adventure of moving to the west coast, my Yoga and I encountered another escapade along the way: getting to Palo Alto after San Francisco airport was shut down. Before I go on, I want to make it clear that I am not making light of the tragedy that occurred when Asiana flight 214 crash landed, and my thoughts are with those who were affected by this misfortune.

With that being said, I set off for San Francisco on Saturday bright and early, arriving at JFK at 9 a.m. After grabbing a muffin and boarding my flight, I was off to Vegas, where I was supposed to have a quick stopover.

After sleeping through most of the flight, I was well rested for what came next: no flights out to San Francisco indefinitely and no flights out to San Jose or Oakland until Monday. Considering I was starting a new job on Monday, this was not an option.

Fortunately, my Yoga was there to keep me zen – as were my loving parents, to whom I am forever grateful for, as they are always there for me whenever I need them! As I waited in line with the rest of my flight to give the poor soul behind the Virgin America desk my name to get my baggage off the plane, I was scrolling away, looking for any available flight out.

Anyone who knows me is aware that the term “packing light” is not in my vocabulary. With my well-over 25-lb carry on falling over and my purse near the point of explosion, I was frantically searching every and any airline website on my Ideapad, while listening to the grating hold music of Virgin America’s customer service number.

Holding my convertible in tablet mode was a challenge in itself, I could never imagine having to deal with a laptop in that line, while trying to keep my luggage in check. As I switched between browsing flight information and Skyping with my mom – as I wouldn’t dare get off the phone at the risk of being put on hold for even longer – the Yoga proved more flexible than ever, keeping up with my every move.

Finally, thanks to an exceptional effort from my parents, I was on a flight to Long Beach with a connection to Sacramento. Of course, going with the theme of that day, my flight to Sacramento was delayed, leaving me plenty of time to download another movie on my Yoga at the airport. I guess I should be grateful the Wi-Fi at Long Beach airport even had the bandwidth to support this, considering the facility looked like a vintage postcard.

Two and a half movies, four bags of pretzels and a mild panic attack later, and I was finally in Sacramento – which to those of you who are familiar with the geography of California, is a two hour drive from Palo Alto. And thanks to my wonderfully kind aunt and uncle, I was in the car and on my way within 10 minutes of landing – another big thanks to them for being so helpful and generous during this endeavor!

It only took 15 hours, but I was finally in my new apartment, only to be faced with the daunting task of unpacking – but I will save that for another blog post!


Be sure to follow Valerie as she uses the  Lenovo Yoga 11s at home, at school and at work.  There are some great things in store as her journey continues, so be sure to follow her exploits here and within her social communities.  Be sure to check out our links to Lenovo news and reviews, as well as to Lenovo social communities. 


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