A Top Down Approach to Life with a Convertible Attitude

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Follow the exploits of  student and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s user Valerie Sarnataro in her blog, Balancing Act, as she balances her work, school and social life with this  new and innovative  tablet and  notebook  convertible.   She\’ll be blogging regularly and taking you along as part of this special feature sponsored by Lenovo.


As a 22-year-old, I rarely get excited when it comes time to open presents at Christmas or on my birthday.  But, before you go thinking I am some jaded brat who doesn\’t enjoy holidays, hit the pause button on your judgement for a moment and give me a second to explain myself.  \"balancinglenovo\"

After passing the age of Barbies, bikes and new toys, presents mostly consist of clothes, books and money. And while I definitely don’t complain about the gift of cash, I usually find myself overcome with a sense of nostalgia for the excitement I felt on Christmas morning when I opened my Josephine American Girl doll and instantly gained a new friend. Fast forward 15 years and here I am, as giddy as the young girl playing tea time with her new companion.

When the package arrived, I was so excited to open it that I nearly hugged the mailman. After taking a moment to regain my composure, and what was left of my dignity, I rushed inside to open the box. Tearing through several layers of packing paper and cardboard, I was met with a sleek black box with a striking orange laptop on the front. This only made me more excited, as I\’ve always been a sucker for simple designs with cool graphics — I guess I can thank Apple for that.

I opened the box and was finally face to face with my new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S. Taking the device out of its protective black sleeve, I was shocked at how light it was. Immediately I was thrilled at the thought of no longer lugging around my circa-2009 laptop, which felt — and looked — like a bulky dinosaur next to my new convertible. I flipped open the screen and colorful tiles illuminated the display. Having been a Mac user for the last four years, this sight was followed by a momentary panic attack: where was my handy setup wizard or the familiar dock with all of my icons?\"Lenovo

After taking a deep breath — and getting over myself — I started playing around with the different boxes. A swipe here and a tap there, and I was setting up my Microsoft account before I even realized it. A few more swipes and I was syncing my Gmail account, so my mail is now easily accessible via a rectangular tile on my home screen. I was surprised at how easy all of this was. Not to mention how quickly my actions were being registered.

Switching from the trackpad to the touchscreen to navigate my home page made the new environment even easier to learn. Despite my old laptop not having touchscreen capabilities, I institutionally go to tap the screen almost every time I use it, which is most likely a result of using my phone and tablet too much. So having the option to do both is certainly well welcomed, and less embarrassing for myself when the screen actually responds to my incessant tapping.

Coming from a 13-inch laptop, I was a little nervous about feeling cramped on a smaller device. Surprisingly, I didn\’t feel restricted in the least bit. This probably has a lot to do with the different modes available. Being able to switch easily between laptop and tablet mode already proved beneficial when I needed to type this post and when I just wanted to do some lighthearted Facebook stalking. I tend to use my laptop for school and work, and my tablet for perusing Buzzfeed and catching up on my T.V. shows, which takes up more of my time than I’d like to admit. Though the real test will be how well the tent mode stands up to my cooking escapades.

Despite my love for cooking, and mostly eating, I tend to make a mess in the kitchen. I’m always reluctant to have my laptop next to me while cooking, as I’m nervous a spill might take on more casualties than a recipe sheet. Yet, having the device elevated, while still accessible, seems like the perfect matching for my culinary adventures.

Only time will tell just how well the Yoga fits my lifestyle, but in the meantime things are looking pretty good!


Be sure to follow Valerie as she uses the  Lenovo Yoga 11s at home, at school and at work.  There are some great things in store as her journey continues, so be sure to follow her exploits here and within her social communities.  Be sure to check out our links to Lenovo news and reviews, as well as to Lenovo social communities. 


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