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SOHO Profile | Greg Lefevre Media

Multiple storage options play key role in media company’s game plan

By Lynn Haber

For media training and consultant Greg Lefevre, owner of Greg Lefevre Media, reliable storage is not an option, but an important part of his business.

His company offers media training, video production, teleprompter training and speech and presentation coaching to a variety of clients, and videotaped interviews and practice runs are a staple of his everyday tasks. Lefevre uses Sony PMW-EX3 high-definition cameras that create huge files that he keeps in perpetuity, so dependable archival storage is a necessity.

\”As far as storage goes I need to have the highest definition material available all the time. The storage I rely on has to be incredibly reliable,\” says Lefevre based in Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.

Lefevre\’s studio setup currently includes a Mac Pro Tower with four 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT hard drives and two adjacent storage towers each with five 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT drives for a total of 28TBs of storage, linked with an eSata card in the Mac.

He often needs to repurpose the video he shoots but doesn’t know when the need will arise. \”That\’s why I need my data storage to be local, immediate, convenient, absolute and reliable,\” he says, noting that on more than one occasion he was able to repurpose a project immediately.

When out on a shoot, he relies on an external FreeAgent GoFlex Pro 500 GB drive from Seagate. In the field, he transfers the video from his camera to his Mac Book computer to the Seagate drive that he then takes back to his home studio.

Thumb drives provide convenient intermediate storage for Lefevre who uses them for stills or to transport backups of presentations while on the road.

\”I\’ll build a presentation on my desktop computer, load it on the Mac Book and copy it on a thumb drive,\” he explains. A twist on that scenario is when he\’s on board a flight, he can make changes to the presentation on the laptop, copy it to the thumb drive and when he returns to his home studio, update the presentation on his desktop Mac.

\”My shopping price for thumb drives is $2 per GB,\” he says, adding that he’s used a variety of products from companies such as Transcend, SanDisk and Kingston, to name a few.

While cloud storage isn\’t in the picture for Lefevre\’s video storage needs, he\’s been running his business with cloud company for almost five years. \”My business data files are compact and small and has been incredibly reliable for my business,\” he says.

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