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SOHO Profile | Boston Virtual Imaging

Wireless tools give BVI an edge in demanding real estate market

By Jamison Cush

For the team of photographers at Boston Virtual Imaging, technological advancements are a double-edged sword.

The small company specializes in real estate photography, and benefits from the ever-decreasing cost of cameras and equipment and advancements in wireless technology. These improvements not only allow BVI to remain competitive, but make it easier to complete assignments and quickly interact with customers.

“Customers expect everything very quickly these days,” says founder and president Matt Murphy. Advancements like the wireless Eye-Fi card “have allowed us to accelerate our on-site workflow, and the data cards for laptops allow us to get the photographs back to customers the same day. This would have been impossible a few years ago,” he notes.

The company\’s Interactive Pro Plans are also designed to take the 360 immersion a step further by allowing people to interact with furniture images and floor plans to develop custom layouts, and move and resize furniture to get a simulated view of how a particular space might be used and personalized.

Improvements in technology also let BVI differentiate its services from both professionals and non-professionals in the highly competitive photo field, adds Murphy. Wireless and other communications technologies help his team create high-quality photos of market properties in and around Boston, delivered quickly and efficiently – which is important in a demanding real estate market.

Wireless technology and tools helps BVI keep in step with the latest developments and techniques in photography and photographic approaches as well. For example, the company produces 360-degree visual tours of properties to give potential customers the experience of standing within a building or space. These tours can involve using 1500 or more individual images to create a successful immersion, notes the company. Clients who opted for this service include the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the Spirit of Boston cruise and dining ship that regularly plies the waters of Boston harbor.

While wireless has enabled BVI to quickly turn around professionally shot and edited digital photos, it’s more time – not technology – that Murphy needs.

“There is an enormous amount of technology available to a small business owner these days. The scarcity lies in the time required to implement the technologies and incorporate them into our workflow.”

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