Sony Xperia Z Video Preview: Raising the Bar in Display, Connectivity and Design

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\"MobilityInMotion\"At the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas earlier this year, TechnologyGuide Chief Editor Jamison Cush spent some time at the Sony booth and talked with Sony Global\’s Iza Perez about the hot new Xperia Z smartphone.  In a review of the smartphone, Brighthand described it as a device with “fantastic performance, excellent imaging sharpness, and outstanding multimedia applications and connection options.”

With a 5-inch HD touchscreen and 13 MP camera, the Xperia Z was easily one of the most talked about mobile devices at CES 2013.  It is also one of the few devices on the market that is truly water resistant, and we have the video to dramatically demonstrate this as well as other key features and highlights of this innovative smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z Video


Video Transcript

Hi, I\’m Iza and I\’m here with Sony Global. I\’m actually here introducing the XperiaZ which is our premium device that we announced here at CES.

Xperia Z is what we would consider to be the best of Sony bound in a smartphone. So when we talk about the best of Sony, we like to think about four elements that incorporate the Sony technology that you\’ll find in this particular device. Among those four elements we\’re actually going to start with the display. What you see here on this display is a five inch display that is a full 1920×1080 key display. So real full HD display. And in this particular display that you realize the Sony technology or rather use Sony technology that we call mobile BRAVIA Engine 2.

Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 what it\’ll do is, it\’s a built in intelligence to the device that basically will identify the type of environment that you\’re in and hone in onto that to really showcase the imagery on the device here. But all the beautiful imagery that you see on the mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 screen.

Then we go into a second element that we like to talk about which is of course the camera. The camera here is, when I turn the back, it is a 13 megapixel primary camera and actually what is pretty neat about the camera is, again, you\’re utilizing the best of Sony in terms of technology.

We use a new sensor that\’s called the Exmor RS sensor. One of the cool things about the Exmor RS sensor is that it allows you to take HDR photos and video. SO that\’s actually pretty neat there. In terms of the video or HDR video recording, it actually does it in real time so there\’s really no delay.

Also with the camera functionality, take you back to the front of the screen here. When we look at the interface of the camera, you\’ll actually notice something here on the top left. It\’s a familiar icon for some people because it\’s a superior auto mode icon that you can find in Cyber-shot cameras, such as the Cyber-shot RX100.

So with the superior auto mode it is also another piece of, again, Sony technology that has built in intelligence. So you kind of see these elements here as I move the device, it knows the sensor is moving. So it\’ll adjust to make a more automated identification of the type of feed mode that it needs to do.

When you look at text, it\’ll actually notice that there\’s text. It knows that it\’s small so it goes into macro. Actually it will also go into things like document mode when it\’s also able to read text or when you\’re taking pictures of people based on the lightning environments. It\’ll know that you\’re doing a portrait photo. So these things are all automated. So it\’s nothing that somebody would have to manually do.

So really great technology in terms of the camera. Let\’s talk about our third element which will be connectivity. Also when we\’re talking at our Sony press conference, NFC connectivity was a really big thing. So the XperiaZ has have an NFC sensor along the back here and we actually call our NFC capability one touch.

It has one touch functionality that will basically connect with the various types of NFC capable devices, such as some of our personal audio products, beepers, speaker bars, things of that nature. Really cool, basically making the connection seamless. Where you no longer have to do the manual blue tooth set up yourself. You just tap. You tap and one touch and it does connection itself.

Making a Splash with Design

The fourth element is actually the most important. Usually I actually talk about the fourth element first but I\’m doing this last for a particular reason. The fourth element is design. So when we talk about the design it really embodies the best of Sony design. You\’re looking at what we call an [Omni Balance] design so when you take a look at the smooth edges or rather the round edges, the Omni Balance design makes you on the edge when you turn the device it all looks parallel and beautiful.

You also take a look at the prestigious packet power button. It\’s very prominent. They\’re easy to find and it is actually quite beautiful for a power button. That\’s the design aspect.

That\’s just not it because I wanted to wow you at the end. A really key aspect about the design for the XperiaZ is that it\’s water resistant.

What do I mean by water resistant? I have this little guy here. My fish bowl without the fish. And he\’s on. Let me take it out. My hands are wet but as you can see, still fluid, still responsive, no delays. It is a 1.5 Mhz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. So that in itself is pretty fast but you saw it dunked in the water. It\’s still on.

Again, in terms of the best of Sony, the smartphone, we like to talk about the four elements of display, connectivity, camera, and design.

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