Storage Options and Alternatives

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\"storage_image\"There are lots of solutions when it comes to keeping your data safe and secure, but finding the right storage choice can require a bit of homework and knowledge.

From iPods to iPads, from computers to the cloud, every device has its own particular place to keep your files safe. Despite its pervasiveness, however, digital storage remains one of the most underrated technologies in the industry.

It can also be very confusing, as users ponder such questions as: \”What kind of drive do I need for my laptop? Which tablet has the most video storage? How can I backup my photos? Can my storage go on my network?\”

The first hard disk drive (HDD) was invented in 1956, with IBM’s RAMDAC. Since then, HDDs have increased in storage density by almost 340 million times. In fact, the capacity of these drives has doubled every couple of years since their inception.

Similar increases are being seen by newer technologies, such as the stunningly fast solid state drive, or SSD. SSDs allow computers to boot faster than ever before, while quick flash memory lets your smartphone and tablet access programs and pictures as quickly as you can flick your finger across the screen. Slower kinds of flash memory can also be inserted into your digital camera to capture your memories in all their 1080p HD glory.

Storage in \”the cloud\” is a more recent development, allowing users to keep and access files and data remotely via the Internet. It may be slower and more or less secure, but it’s also available wherever you have a browser.

TechnologyGuide tackles the storage issue in this special report, spotlighting different alternatives and offering tips that help you take more control of the important files in your life.

\"DTR\"Hitachi Delivers 1TB Platter Hard Drives with Deskstar 7K1000.D and 5K1000.B
Hitachi may not be a household name in the United States when it comes to hard drive technology, but they still duel it out with the other big boys. This time, they\’ve leapfrogged the competition and delivered some of the densest storage technologies yet, packing on a whopping terabyte of data into one spinning platter.

Cloud Storage: Is the Gain in Space Worth the Pain?
Cloud storage can cut down on your hardware costs. It can let you easily share photos, music and other files. Yet many users have lost data and privacy at the hands of online spots like Dropbox, Sony\’s PlayStation Network (PSN), and Microsoft\’s Danger. Is the extra storage space worth the security risks?

SMB Storage Options: From Clouds to Connected Network Devices
Developing an effective backup strategy is relatively easy if you are a consumer or small office/home office worker. Basically, you just buy a wired or wireless disk-based storage device, connect it to a host system, and schedule the times when you want to backup your PC. The first backup will take some time, as all of your files are copied over. Subsequent backups will take less time, as only new or newly-modified files will be copied.

\"NBR\"Battle of the 1TB Laptop Hard Drives: Samsung vs. Western Digital
It\’s time to replace that pathetic little hard drive that came with your laptop. We reviewed two of the latest one terabyte laptop hard drives: the Samsung Spinpoint M8 and the Western Digital Scorpio Blue to see which one is best.

\"TPCR\"Seagate GoFlex Satellite Review
The Seagate GoFlex Satellite provides portable wireless storage for iOS and Android tablets. The 500GB hard drive features its own Wi-Fi connection, letting you access files and stream media, but at a premium price — for a 500GB hard drive anyway. Is this wireless HDD worth your money?

Tablet Storage Limited, But Options Abound
Limited internal storage capacity on tablets calls for either constant synchronizing to your computer, or external storage options. So what are the best solutions that are available now?

\"DCR\"Digital Photo Storage Options
Are your digital photo files piling up on your hard drive? Saving all of your images only to your computer is risky and cumbersome. We\’ve got some backup storage advice so you can start protecting your files before it\’s too late.

\"Brighthand\"Dropbox for iPhone Review: Multimedia Storage in the Cloud
Dropbox for iPhone is a free app for saving and sharing photos, tunes, and other files stored in the cloud. While the mobile app can be useful for some tasks, it isn\’t good at everything yet. To find out what works, read the full review.

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