Taking Flight with My Tablet in Tow

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Follow the exploits of  student and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s user Valerie Sarnataro in her blog, Balancing Act, as she balances her work, school and social life with this  new and innovative  tablet and  notebook  convertible.   She\’ll be blogging regularly and taking you along as part of this special feature sponsored by Lenovo.


\"balancinglenovo\"Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m not sure if it’s really more of a hobby or an obsession at this point, but either way I am hooked. Ever since my first taste of adventure during a study abroad trip, I\’ve made it my goal to travel to as many places as possible.

That being said, two of my least favorite things are at the base of any good trip: airports and planes. And unfortunately, to get to most places in a reasonable amount of time, a plane is usually involved – which brings me to my latest adventure with the Yoga during a trip to Maryland.

Arriving at Logan Airport at an hour when the sun isn’t even up yet has some pros and cons. Of course, there is always the positives of shorter security lines and no traffic on the roads. But the cons of sleep delirium and overall despise for having to get up so early usually trump those pros.

Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation hitting me, but I decided to see if I could get the Yoga through security without having to take it out of my bag. Flipping the device into tablet mode, I was convinced this would trick TSA into thinking this was just another tablet – like I said, this was a VERY early flight, so clearly I wasn’t thinking straight. To nobody’s wonder but my own, security asked me to take the device out of my bag and re-enter it through the machine. My plan was foiled and I tried to act surprised as the security personnel explained that all laptops – even those that can flip into tablets – must go through security individually.

After security came another battle: the waiting game. My flight was delayed, giving me plenty of time to catch up on some television shows courtesy of Netflix. I nestled myself in a corner chair and got as comfortable as can be in an airport, while my Yoga sat on my lap.\"transportation\"

Two and a half episodes of Arrested Development later and I was en route to Maryland. As most of you know, airplanes aren\’t exactly designed with the passenger in mind, unless you are seated in first class. With each seat placed closely together, it can be a tight fit to have a laptop with you – especially if the person in front of you wants to lean back, which is usually the case. I always find myself moving my screen closer and closer, as I am terrified the seat in front of me will squash it on the tray table. This not only compromises my viewing angle, but induces a slight panic attack almost every time a fly.

Yet, this is where the Yoga’s flexibility came in handy. Placing the convertible in stand mode, the screen was closer for me to view and away from the dangers of being hit by the seat in front of me. Opting to read instead of sleep, which probably would have been the better choice in retrospect, I used the Kindle app on my IdeaPad to read A Feast for Crows, the fourth installment of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books.

The flight wasn’t nearly long enough for me to make much of a dent in the book, but the time I did spend reading was extremely enjoyable, as I wasn\’t craning my neck for a better view or forced to hold up an eReader to read. My hands were free to swipe for the next page, while the back-lit screen provided an illuminating display perfect for reading.

Until time travel becomes a suitable – and realistic – option for traveling, I will be stuck finding new ways to pass the time at airports and on planes. But fortunately, I have my Yoga pad, which makes things more bearable!


Be sure to follow Valerie as she uses the  Lenovo Yoga 11s at home, at school and at work.  There are some great things in store as her journey continues, so keep up with her exploits here and within her social communities.   Also,  check out our links to Lenovo news and reviews, as well as to Lenovo social communities. 


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