TechnologyGuide Goes Back to School

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It\’s no coincidence that major tech makers launch new products and ad campaigns in time for back-to-school season. They know that in just a few weeks time, students will be studiously engaging in the classroom, or perhaps participating in a college dorm study group. Or, they will be playing video games and binge-watching Community on Netflix.

Either way, devices like laptops and tablets, and the apps that power them, will play a central role in both schoolwork and play. That\’s why the experts at TechnologyGuide and its network of review sites have taken a closer look at what\’s available, and reported on the A+ tech for the season.


The Best Productivity Apps for Any Student

While YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook are tempting time wasters, all but encouraging procrastination and distract students,  there are certain godsends in tablet, phone and laptop app stores that will make doing whatever students need to do as painless as possible.

Best Tablets for College Students

It used to be that going to college meant getting a new and powerful laptop or desktop system. Times have certainly changed, because now tablets are in high-demand, thanks to their portable designs and ever-more-powerful innards. You can get an awfully lot of schoolwork done on a tablet these days. Just make sure you pick the right device.

Top 10 Essential Apps For Students 2013

With a new school year now at hand, it\’s that time again, time to make sure that students are outfitted with the best software applications for academic success.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Gives Students Juice on the Go

There\’s nothing worse than when your phone dies between classes and you don\’t have access to an outlet. So why not pack a little something just to be safe?

Free Photo Editing Apps that Make the Grade

Going back to school means seeing classmates again, going to football games and getting ready for homecoming. All of these are great opportunities for fun photos, and to flex your post-processing chops with free and robust image editing programs and apps.

Best Tablets Under $300 for Students

A sub-$300 tablet might not completely replace a laptop in a student\’s life, but it can greatly reduce their dependence on one. The good news is that budget prices no longer mean budget devices, and there are a bunch of great tablets available, cheap! Here are the best.